Signs Your SEO Firm Is Letting You Down.

No business owner would like to face the reality of having to sack their SEO firm, but for the sake of getting where you need to be, you need to put yourself first.

The trouble is, SEO is changing at such an alarming rate that what was once considered the most advanced and beneficial search engine optimisation in the world could now be doing a business more harm than good. And of course, it’s troubling to try and reprimand a provider that was once God’s gift though now seems to be letting you down – when is it time to say enough is enough?

It’s a tricky one to put any specifics on, but there are certain instances in which you should consider a pretty frank word or two with your SEO firm.


So, if you feel you are being let down and any of the following apply, it might be in your best interests to step in now and nip things in the bud:

Slipping Rankings.

Needless to say, number one on the list is the realisation that your rankings are slipping. It’s pretty common to fall a place or two down here and there; fluctuations are all part and parcel of SEO. However, each fall should trigger something of an emergency assessment of the situation by the provider, keeping you in the loop as to what’s happening, why it’s happening and what’s to be done about it. An apparent lack of interest or no real solutions by way of how to progress won’t do you or your business any favours in the long run, so if and where slips are apparent, question them.

Little Input.

In a similar vein, your SEO partner should at all times be exactly that – a partner in business. This means not simply sitting idly by and letting things happen with a rather passive approach, but instead being fully involved in what happens for the on-going benefit of the business. It isn’t the responsibility of the business to know all SEO opportunities and advancements that could be taken advantage of; the provider should have constant input and communication with the business. As such, if you’ve ended up to some extent dealing with a dormant and passive optimisation vending machine, you might be better off elsewhere.

Higher Costs.

Another danger sign is that of costs going up over time, regardless of the fact that the services you’re receiving aren’t in any way improving. Every penny you invest should be put to work, which means that if you pay more, you should expect more in return.

Low Priority.

And finally, if you ever suspect that your business is being put on the back burner while your SEO partner puts all of its time and efforts into a higher-paying client or one it simply prefers, you’re heading for disaster. You should never be anything less than a top priority for your provider regardless of how extensive or otherwise your package is – are you really of any real interest to them?

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