Using Content To Make Your Website Rank.

What’s the most common question the SEO experts at Search and More are asked?

The answer is this: how do I make my website rank for my specified keyword? Now you might think that sounds like a reasonable enough question, but we have to point out to people that they’re actually asking the wrong thing. The question shouldn’t be how do I make my website rank for a specific keyword, but rather how do I make my website pages rank for my keyword? After all, it’s not websites that rank on search engines like Google, it’s pages.

So if you want to improve your ranking on search engines, you’ll need to determine which page is going to be the page ranking for that keyword. But that doesn’t mean you simply have to add that keyword to every page on your site. That practice simply won’t work. Nor will writing numerous articles about your keyword with one central article to link all those numerous articles to. What you need to do is write a hub article – a single definitive page which is the central point of the content about that topic. SEO practitioners often refer to this page as the ‘cornerstone page’.

5 Simple Tips For Creating A Hub Page.


Getting your content keyword right is fundamental for good search engine ranking. To find the right keyword you’ll need to research the subject thoroughly and you’ll need to be asking yourself what is the relevant question searchers are looking for answers to. Once you’ve established what that question is, you’ll need to answer that question with your content.

Title Tags and Headline.

The jury’s still out on many SEP practices: some recommend one thing, whilst others swear blind that what they’re doing is destined to fail. What they all agree on, however, is the value and importance of using the targeted keyword or phrase in the title tag. The raison d’être of search engines is offering the most relevant results in answer to specific queries. So it follows that those results should prominently reflect the words the searcher is using in the title of the page.

What’s important to remember, however, is that the title tag is also a headline. So your keyword should also feature prominently in your headline structure. What’s more, the headline should be compelling and should promise to answer the exact question the searcher is asking. If you can write the perfect keyword-rich headline, it makes it more likely that someone will simply use your title to link back to you.


Does length matter when it comes to content ranking for competitive search? Not necessarily: what determines how well a page ranks is the age of the website and its authority. What happens if yours is a new website? How can you hope to compete with more experienced sources? Well, you’ll need to get links from other authoritative sources if you want to compete: and to do that, your content will need to be impressive and informative. What sort of content should you write? Well, whatever works best, but the surest way of gaining credibility and kudos is writing content that is better and more comprehensive than your competitors. If you can achieve this, then your content becomes well worth linking to.

Landing Pages.

Searchers want answers to questions quickly and conveniently, so it makes sense to create a landing page which offers immediate answers to searchers queries. Landing pages instantly tell visitors what’s going on, and also act as a table of contents (via links to each part) that increases clarity. Landing pages are also a vital tool for user retention, linking, optimising and bookmarking, so their importance can’t be overemphasised.

Other Related Content.

Don’t forget the blogs. Blogs are central to building cornerstone content. Search engines like Google favour websites that have a lot of relevant, frequently updated and informative content. They also like a lot of general link authority. Blogs are perfect for this. What’s more, blogging allows active participation in the social media space, so they are useful for building site authority via links, and are ideal for cross- referencing your cornerstone content.

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