Do your visitors like what they see?

Although SEO is important, the key to a successful website is its appearance and the positive experience it provides for its visitors. Whilst it’s important to invest in SEO, high bounce rates can plague businesses that neglect to consider how they are going to hook visitors once they arrive on their homepage and begin to explore their site. This means that without careful consideration your website could be actively putting off your future customers – spelling disaster and certain failure for any online marketing campaigns you’re currently running.

In this post we share five simple (yet often overlooked) points to consider when minimising bounce rates and improving visitor satisfaction to increase the amount of revenue you generate online.

Achieve a user-friendly look and feel

The way your website is constructed contributes massively to brand impression. How does it look and feel to your users? Does your website contain images, headings, a clear format and layout, a complementary colour scheme?  Does the page title match the page content? Firstly you’ll need to consider your target market in detail. Think about how they like to be interacted with – take inspiration from successful competitors if needs be, or think outside the box. Then put together a plan with a checklist, ensuring that all basic elements are taken care of and good practice is adhered to. Once the foundations are in place you can then build on them, fleshing out your site visually with your customers in mind.

Invest in imagery

As human beings we are inherently visual. Therefore the quality, relevancy and placement of the imagery you use are key. Users immediately make an assumption of the type of business you run based on the type of photography they see. For example, if you’re an architect, you want visitors to see your best projects, presented clearly and in the best possible way. Fuzzy, pixelated photographs or pictures which don’t fully display the quality of your work have to go. Instead replace them with high resolution images specifically captures to showcase your ability – something you may need assistance from a professional photographer for.

Functionality is key

Although your website needs to look great, it also needs to work properly. Make sure there are no broken links, missing buttons or omitted vital information.

The functionality of your site also needs to be well thought-out with your users in mind. Consider how they want to navigate, what they want to see first – try and provide them with a natural progression through your website. The easier and more enjoyable their journey is, the more likely it is that they’ll buy from you.

Create compelling content

Although in recent years we’ve moved away from text-heavy websites, the quality of the written content you present to visitors is still incredibly important. Carefully consider and incorporate keywords – keeping in mind that copy must be readable and engaging at all times. Always keep the audience in mind – what do they want to know? How do they want to find out more about you? How do they need to be communicated with? Of course it also goes without saying that accuracy is of the utmost important – both in terms of customer impression and Google assessment.

Don’t forget about Google

Although Google won’t view your site through the same pair of eyes as your visitors, it will still be assessing the quality of the website from their perspective. It makes this assessment in a number of ways, gathering data from visitors (How long do they stay? Where do they go? What do they look at and engage with?) and from the website itself (Is the image high quality? Are meta tags included? Is the content easy to read?). All of these factors come together to form an impression for Google of your site and how user-friendly it is. The more user-friendly it appears, the higher it will be valued and ranked by Google. So it pays to consider the non-visual design elements too in order to keep your SEO in good shape.

For more SEO savvy tips to help you take your business to the next level, read our related blog posts or get in touch to discover more about Search and More’s diverse range of digital marketing services.

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