An Introduction to Content Analytics

Encouraging conversions is a big task if you want your business to perform well online. There are plenty of ways to go about doing this, but we believe that knowing what content analytics is, can be a key ingredient that many businesses and digital marketers overlook.

What is content marketing?

Content is one of the best business tools you can use to utilise your website. When used correctly, you can reach numerous digital goals. Content analytics are there to help you measure and determine what is effective and what must change.

What does content analytics measure?

Content analytics tends to put more focus on the chaotic types of content within a business that is often unstructured. While every business will have plenty in the way of structured data (spreadsheets and databases, for example), there is also unstructured content.

What does content analytics do?

Content analytics allows you to determine which of your content is working and which is not. This primarily focuses on:

  • Engagement – If someone were to visit your page for only a few seconds and then leaves, it’s probably not a good thing. If they were to spend at least a minute scrolling through the page, this is often okay.
  • Clicks – This doesn’t just include what they clicked on, but also where they ended up and if the user found what they were looking for. The “where” and the “when” go hand in hand here.
  • Task patterns – If you can see that certain users are engaging with specific content after visiting particular pages, these may be the ones that require more attention.

Let Search and More take care of your content analytics

If you would like your business to generate more conversions, get in touch with Search and More to see how we can help.

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