Look What’s Ahead, Part 2.

Following on from Look what’s ahead part 1, let’s continue to look at what lies ahead for SEO and social media.

Fabulous visual design matters.

The user experience is what will keep someone on your site. Visual design and engagement is the key factor for your audience involvement. When a potential customer lands on your site the need to trust and believe in you and the initial first impression is what counts, so, top-quality design is paramount.

If your site looks professional, your audience are going to believe that your business is authentic, established and genuine, so therefore, trust you and hopefully turn into a “conversion”. Your design wants to guide your users in the direction you want them to go , resulting in them signing up for your email list, buying your products or services, or reading and sharing your content. Design can have an effect on your authority and valuable content that search engines starts to trust also. Ask yourself:

1. Is your picture available on your website?

2. Is there a correlation with your content, name and face? If so, excellent!

3. If you offer tutorials on your site, does the design quality of the site equate to the design quality of the video? A simple way to increase the value of your content is to integrating screen shots, videos, and more.

Guest posting… Effective or ineffective?

In the world of internet marketing one of the most prevalent ways of building links is guest posting. It enhances and cultivates relationships with other likeminded people. The test with guest posting is when it’s depicted as the “new method of article marketing.” You need to keep it real and not just spammy post and comments. Essentially,what you need to remember is quality posts on quality sites.

Are they effective? You need to look for human response signals-is there an engaged audience, social shares, and links from other high quality sites. When you do a guest post, put an extra emphasis on developing valuable contributions to a discussion or forum and that really echo what the target audience wants.

Social media is growing more powerful.

Social media is here to stay! Digging its heels in further. It is a powerful voice to the public that shapes and influence conversations. It is basically a public podium where people can share thoughts, objectives, and opinions and find answers. Social media engagement, innovative methods and promotion increases your social reach and stimulus.

Mobile performance and compatibility matter.

It is significant that your site is mobile compatible and loads quickly. Over 50% of the population use Smart phones and tablets. It is inevitable that soon more people will access the internet via a mobile device. Important aspects include cross-device compatibility and optimising your designs for mobile conversions. Thinking about mobile productively requires a shift in mind-set. Mobile isn’t just about making sales. Instead, it’s about a broader set of potential conversions – visits, gathering information for in-store visits, signing up for more information – that require you to focus on the mobile channel.

SEO means more strategy.

Future focus is shifting to long-term strategy. You need to ask a few questions.

  • What’s your content strategy?
  • What’s your link building strategy?
  • What’s your authority strategy?
  • What’s your social strategy?

These all interlink to successful site recognition, your approaches to SEO need to be cohesive.

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