3 reasons why your SME should have a social media presence

Social media may be an all-conquering force, yet there are still some SMEs who resolutely refuse to embrace the medium. Why is this you may wonder? The simple answer, it appears, are a fear of change and a reluctance to accept new methods of building a business’ brand. As understandable as such fears may be, the failure to embrace social audiences could be severely damaging businesses and harming their prospects. Building an online following can dramatically boost business growth. With over 270 million Twitter users and 1.2 billion active Facebook users, there is a vast source of new prospects just waiting to be tapped. All your SME has to do is embrace the change.

Still not convinced? Then consider the following 3 facts:

A social media presence can increase website traffic and build brand awareness

One of the most effective ways of generating lots of traffic to a business website is by sharing content on social media. Any content shared by your followers, whether that’s a simple tweet with a link to content or a Facebook post, can generate a surge in new followers and an increase in website traffic. With reports showing that an estimated 73 per cent of the world’s adult population is active on social media, there’s vast potential waiting to be exploited. All your business needs to do is engage with a small proportion of this audience and success is all but guaranteed.

Social media can also increase exposure, and that makes it an effective way of increasing brand awareness. With the technology we have at our disposal these days, your business will be able to reach a wider geographical audience and target certain audiences such as age, gender, education and even relationship status. Using this technology effectively will lead to better sales and greater revenue.

A social media presence can help to build trust, and that has to be good for business

Who are you more likely to buy from or invest time in? The answer is someone or some business, you trust wholeheartedly. Trust is crucial to online success, but it has to be earned. How do you earn trust on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? The simple answer is you have to open up about yourself, form an emotional connection with your audience and let the audience see the person behind the brand. This openness and willingness to engage makes your business more attractive and therefore more trustworthy. So share behind-the-scenes photos of your business on platforms like Instagram, and let people see the faces behind the brand. Any subsequent likes or follows can have potentially huge benefits for your business.

Free marketing anytime, anywhere

If someone offered you free marketing and advertising, you’d quite rightly snap their hands off. Well, that’s what social media is offering you. If you create a simple social business account, you get free marketing on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to name a few. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets and the associated social media apps, you can engage with an audience anytime, anywhere.

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