3 reasons why your social media efforts may be costing your business sales

No matter how hard you might try, no matter how many followers or fans you manage to amass on social media platforms, sometimes you just don’t get the rewards you think you deserve. Why are your social media efforts failing to translate into better brand recognition and increased sales? Well, the simple reason is that many businesses make false assumptions about social media. They assume that it they simply go through the motions and garner a few followers here and there, then everything else will take care of itself naturally and extra sales will flood in. Those assumptions are both wrong and dangerous. So what assumptions are we talking about here?

False ideas many businesses have about social media

That sharing content on social media will build a brand

Although social media is a powerful channel for sharing content, it can’t work miracles. Your business will still need to drive traffic to your website if you want to improve your sales figures. Sharing content is part of the solution; not the solution itself. Great posts and connect and drive engagement, but they won’t generate sales. Sharing great content can help to build brand recognition, but it’s what you do on your website that will ultimately control what happens next.

That ‘likes’ are a valid metric for quantifying and measuring social media marketing success

Whilst ‘likes’, social shares and followers might be important, they are not the best yardstick for measuring social media marketing success. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got 10,000 Facebook fans or 20,000 Twitter followers; if these people are not clicking through to the content you’re sharing then there’s little point. Superficial social media engagement is not an accurate predictor for future social media engagement. What really matters is social media ROI, and for that you’ll need to analyse your quantitative and qualitative metrics. A study by Marketing Land found that whilst social media enthusiasts made up 85 per cent of a brand’s social media interaction, they only make up 29 per cent of a brand’s audience. It’s these people your business needs to engage with; not the lurkers. These are the people who buy into your brand and buy your products.

That occasional posting on social media sites is sufficient

If you only post on social media sites sporadically, what’s the best you can expect? The answer is sporadic results and a lack of overall engagement. If you want to build a strong and steady social media audience, you’ll need to post fresh content regularly. It’s this consistency that drives interaction and engagement. However, what you publish is equally important. In order to resonate with an audience and drive engagement, what you post has to be informative and interesting.

There’s no point getting hung up about how regularly your business should be posting, as the timing will vary from industry to industry. However, what matters consistently across all industries is the quality of the content. If you only manage to publish an informative article once a week, you will still fare better than if you published inferior content daily.

What if you’re short of ideas and can’t think of anything interesting to say? Well, rather than saying nothing; turn the situation on its head and think laterally. Try posting about companies news or drip feeding information about new products and services you’re about to offer. Build the anticipation in the weeks prior to the release of a new product, and you’ll be well on the way to strengthening follower engagement.

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