4 Reasons Not To Be Shy On LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, the social networking website for professionals that came on the scene in 2003, currently boasts more than 225 million users in more than 200 countries.

That’s sheer networking power. This isn’t Twitter or Facebook where you may be exposed to untargeted leads and prospects. Why turn your nose up at millions (and millions) of prospective connections?

If you haven’t created your account yet, what are you waiting for?

Someone could be searching at this very moment for your exact skills, services and talent. Once your account is up and running, start networking! Why should you? Glad you asked. Here are four quick reasons not to be shy on LinkedIn.

Increased Visibility in your Industry.

LinkedIn can provide invaluable information about you to everyone in your industry, from the thought leaders to major players in your industry. These people can be potential collaborators and possibly clients looking for your skills or the services you provide. Your profile will be one of the first things that interested business professionals will check out.

Joining LinkedIn groups exposes you to headhunters, clients, even competitors will head to your profile to see exactly what you have to offer. Even more importantly, your profile will appear at the very top of the list when anyone runs a Google search on your name and that alone is reason enough to get that profile polished.

Drive Traffic to your Site.

If you have your site that showcases your business, a link from LinkedIn will have a double effect. While providing a credible and related backlink, it also allows other professionals to visit your site. This increases your chances of making relevant connections. Having a complete profile and an regular status updates will help improve visits to your site.

The Wave of the Future.

Along with Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, social network sites are becoming the search engines of the future. People in certain industries or with particular interests gravitate toward the use of these ‘new’ search engines to find out particular info.

Having a LinkedIn profile that correctly describes your skills; the use of relevant keywords related to your area of expertise is a way of making yourself visible. Keep your profile updated and you just might make connections that you didn’t expect.


Can you honestly say that you know of a better way to present your services, your skills and your qualifications to a targeted audience base? Be proactive, research people and businesses you want to connect with. Send invitations to as many potential contacts as you can identify, and accepting the invitations sent to you.
You can also take the plunge and create a group of like minded professionals, and invite people to join. This will increase your presence and authority within your industry exponentially and provide information necessary to make you more visible to the people who matter.

LinkedIn can be the only method you need to make relevant business connections.

Don’t be one of the 42% of adults in the world that are shy. You just might to lose the chance to make business and personal relationships, if you let shyness overwhelm you.

Take the bold step, join LinkedIn and make your profile visible and reap the many rewards that social networking can provide.

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