4 reasons why your business needs a blog

Should your business really be blogging? A blog won’t increase your bottom line after all. So is it really worth the effort when all’s said and done? Well, the short answer to that is yes – it is. A good business blog can help you showcase your products, advertise your expertise in the field and engage with your existing customers. If what you share is good enough and informative, a great blog will also be shared by your followers and could therefore potentially open up your work to a much wider and diverse audience. Yes, you’ll need to work at it to make it pay, but faint words never won fair lady.

Still not convinced that your business needs a blog? Then consider these points:

Blogs can increase website traffic

Most of your existing customers won’t visit your website unless you give them a reason to. Why should they when they already know what you do? However, if you regularly give them well-written, considered and engaging content, then they will have a reason. What’s more it will also give them something to share that links back to your website. This type of sharing can open up your business to new audiences and lead to increased website traffic.

Blogs can help to showcase your expertise

If you want to showcase your knowledge; then write a business blog. If you share your expertise on social media and post a link to your blogs, then it will inevitably be picked up by others with an interest in your field. You might even get an offer to guest post at some stage down the line.

How do you showcase your expertise? Well, don’t simply stick to answering questions and queries: think outside the box and try to explore new areas where your knowledge might come in useful. Discuss the matter with colleagues and friends, and find new things to talk about and new avenues to explore. All of these things will not only demonstrate your knowledge, but it will mark you out as a trusted and well-respected source.

Why bother with cold calls when you could be nurturing warm leads with a blog?

Nobody, except those with the thickest of skins, likes cold calling. Most people will simply hang up when they receive unsolicited calls. However, if potential customers already have some knowledge of your business through blogging, this will make the whole process a lot more comfortable. How do you foster this budding relationship with potential customers? Well, you can do it in a number of ways. Try engaging with them on social media. Find them on Facebook and share your blog with them: or send them an introductory email with a link to a blogpost on a topic you think they might find interesting, based on what you’ve seen of their behaviour on social channels.

By engaging you will help potential customers to become familiar with your business and your area of expertise. From that initial introduction you can then try to start building and developing a relationship. By the time you contact them directly; they’ll already know all about you and will have probably figured out what you might be able to offer their organisation.

Blogs can give your business a voice

If you want people to buy into your business, then you’re going to have to get personal. You don’t have to go down the road of oversharing, like some businesses do. You just have to open up and give readers an insight into who you are, what you believe and what sets you apart from others. It’s all about giving your business a voice. To do that, though, you’ll have to write in a structured way. You’ll need to get the voice and the tone right. You’ll also have to choose your subjects carefully too. If you can achieve all this with a blog, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get people to connect to and identify with your brand.

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