4 ways to make your social channels work harder for your website

Your social media channels are well-populated, followed by many and feature quality content. But your conversation rate still remains low – so what gives? Here we explain how tweaking your approach slightly can yield better results for your business and raise the productivity of dormant platforms.

Add links and pull through images

Users tend to click on images, not text. One mistake many make online is to accompany words and text with an image that isn’t clickable – even though social media platforms have the capability to ‘pull through’ featured images from your site, provided your page is properly set up. Instead of uploading an image (either directly to Facebook/Twitter, or via a scheduler), add the link into the body of the text and wait for the interface to present you with one or more image choices to share alongside it. These images will be clickable, in turn increasing your conversion rate.

Set up a Pinterest account

As we covered in a previous blog, Pinterest is great for SEO. Pins can be accompanied by links, and as the network is visual it’s worth investing a little time or money into creating appealing graphics to promote blogs, product pages and services.

Always use visuals

Social posts perform better when they’re accompanied by images – but although numerous studies have cemented this theory, companies still post updates consisting of text only. It’s incredibly easy for a few lines of text in a standard font to blend in with their surroundings – for this reason, they are often ignored by users scrolling through endless posts to find content that catches their eye. Posting relevant images not only ensures that you grab the attention of followers – even just for a second. It also provides additional context and interest, which could be the difference between someone clicking through to your website or moving on to the next post, which means you have a great social media marketing strategy.

Link back to blogs, products and pages at every opportunity

Almost every post you share that directly focuses on your business should provide users with an opportunity to click through and explore your brand a little more. This helps to simplify user experience and streamline your sales funnel – making it easier for potential customers to find out more and eventually make a purchase. If you’re posting a video demonstrating how a product works, make sure there’s a direct link so that users can buy without having to navigate through layers of landing pages. If you’re sharing a testimonial, provide a link that allows readers to view more so that you can reinforce that positive impression right away. The process is actually rather simple – each time you post, consider the context and include a relevant link accordingly. It will enhance the experience your customers receive – in turn helping you to increase conversions and resulting revenue online.

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