5 Steps To Achieving A Maximum Social Media Impact.

Is your social media REALLY working for you?

With so many marketing channels available, businesses are often left wondering which to take advantage of. Social media is relatively easy to start and maintain. In fact, social media is simply the easiest way to connect to your audience. It does double duty as a content creation and content amplification medium.

That being said, how do you determine which platforms to work with and achieve the maximum effect?

As with all platforms, there are many ways to take advantage of it and many opinions on how to use it effectively. Businesses need to be careful with the way they use tools and the advice they take.

I’ve heard of a marketing ‘guru’ recommend automating of all your posting. Yes, there are a ton of social media marketing tools used to create, curate and share content. There are tools that use social media to generate and nurture leads; whilst also doing competitor research. These tools are excellent for getting so much done, but they should never replace actual human contact.

There are numerous examples of businesses who go on social media and sell, sell, SELL. On social media, that’s a quick way to get blocked and reported for spamming. It’s simply not going to fly. Yes, you should plug your business, but only in the right context. If your product cannot help the prospect, there is no point spamming them in the hope that they’ll buy.
In such situations, if your service isn’t the best fit for a prospect, recommend something else; (even if it is a competitor).

This will:

  • build better business relationships.
  • establish trust with prospective customers.

Today, we offer five tips for improving your current social media strategy. These have worked for our clients to generate leads and improve marketing ROI.

1. Start with a clearly defined social media policy.

Developing a solid posting structure is the way to get the best bang for your buck. Knowing the what, who and when of your strategy will place you far ahead of your competitors who don’t.

  • Who is in charge of your outreach? Their voice must be in line with the company culture.
  • What kind of content will you post? An editorial and content plan must be developed to define what is created and what is curated.
  • When to post for maximum engagement? For Facebook, one study suggests 1pm on Thursday and Friday. Your plan should also determine how many times a week you can post.
  • Know which platforms your ideal audience frequent.

2. Maintain perfect etiquette.

Remember what we said about not being selfish? If a prospect finds one of your posts; some may retweet, comment, or like if it resonates with them. Being social media, do your best to respond. You just might turn a prospect to a repeat customer.

Your content should never involve criticising a competitor. If your prospects’ needs won’t be met by your service; recommend someone else.
Keep all your personal views to yourself. This is a business account; what’s entertaining to you may be downright rude to others.

3. Stick to a Schedule.

Between fulfilling orders and drumming up new business offline, all the tasks required to market on social media can seem arduous. Time to embrace delegation and outsourcing.

It can be in-house with a team member solely in charge of social media. When you start posting, aim for consistency; never go AWOL. Over time, casual readers will become loyal followers and will come to expect your posts at certain times. Breaking your schedule can lead to disengagement.

Another way is to use automation, but sparingly. While it is tempting to put all your posting, liking, and following on auto-pilot, it can have terrible consequences. Never rely on automation; find time to engage with your followers.

4. Connect On Multiple levels.

Your customers vary in their choice of social platform. Registering on all platforms and trying to find prospects on them can quickly become a disaster. Yet with the use of a few tools, you can appear to be everywhere all the time i.e. respond in real-time.

The following are some of our top tools:

  • Monitor real time conversations with SocialFlow.
  • With Dlvr.it, you can automate posting on multiple platforms.
  • Out and about? Use Everypost from your mobile device to curate, create, schedule, and post content.

5. Measure Your Results.

All this planning and implementation will come to nothing if you can’t measure your efforts. What’s success to you? Increased sales, engagement, followers? Figure what represents a positive ROI for you and work towards achieving it.

Measure your results and how they translate into leads or profit. Tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, Digioh provide you with your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). They can help track a prospect from first interaction til they complete a sale. This also points you towards which campaigns worked best.

Using social media for businesses CAN seem difficult; especially with other time constraints and drains on your time. But done right, it can yield the highest levels of engagement. If you’re going to use social media (and I don’t see why not), do it right.

Following our five tips will help your business get more exposure, engagement and leads.

Still confused? Let the experts at Search and More help your business to achieve its maximum social media impact. Call us today.

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