5 tips for more-effective content promotion on social media

Posting on social media platforms may seem like a breeze, after all, you don’t need any special qualifications to post on Facebook or Twitter, but there’s still a right way to do if you want to get the maximum engagement with your audience. Effective promotion on social media platforms relies on content, but the important point to remember is that it’s not the quantity that engenders engagement; it’s the quality. Here are 5 tips that might just help you write better social media content.

Write for your audience

It’s easy to get carried away with social media. You can often lose sight of why you’re posting content and simply become a content-generating machine churning out Facebook posts mechanically to an audience that isn’t interested. Some might argue that having a social media presence is what counts, but that isn’t strictly true. A presence without a connection isn’t worth much.  So if quantity won’t win the hearts of an audience: what will?

The simple answer is online engagement, and to get that connection you’ll need to listen to your audience. Listen to what they’re saying and join in the conversation. Provide solutions to their problems and answer their needs. If they’re not saying anything, then look for alternative ways to spark a dialogue. If you can add value to your content, then the dialogue will follow naturally.

Avoid blatant promotion

If you only ever share promotional adverts on Facebook and Twitter, then you’ll never truly engage an audience. People tire quickly if they’re constantly battered with adverts for products and services. Promotional content has its place, but it alone won’t add value. So mix things up a bit. Social media experts suggest that the best bet is to stick with the thirds rule: that is, writing content that is roughly one third promotional, one third industry-related and one third directed at audience engagement.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Although Shakespeare was clearly not referring to social media, he never the less nailed it with that Hamlet quote. For maximum effect and appeal, keep your posts short and sweet. Get to the point, and don’t be long-winded. Just because you are able to write a 1500-word post on Facebook doesn’t mean you have to. Research has shown that shorter brand posts on Facebook, that is 80 characters or under, get the most engagement: on Twitter 100 -110 character posts are retweeted most.

There’s no excuse for bad grammar and spelling mistakes

With social media, it’s a mistake to believe that anything goes. Correct spelling and proper punctuation still matter. You might think that being pernickety about such things is ridiculous, after all, an incorrectly spelt world or a misplaced apostrophe is hardly the end of the world: but these errors can have consequences and make your brand look sloppy. Social media may be instant and spontaneous, but it’s still worth taking a minute or two to check what you’ve written before you share your wisdom with the digital world.

Different platforms: different content

Life would be so much easier and more efficient if you could use the same content across all social media platforms, wouldn’t it? Well, it would, but sadly you can’t. Every platform has a specific purpose and a specific audience, so it’s important that the content is specifically tailored for that. There are no shortcuts here sadly: you just have to tailor your content’s tone and length for each platform if you want to get the maximum engagement. Audiences won’t engage with your brand if you simply feed them the same content across various platforms. If you’re not in a position to deliver platform-specific content, then either hire someone to do it for you, or cut back on the number of platforms you engage with.

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