5 Ways Not To Suck On LinkedIn.


There goes the notification on your phone. Peering at the email from one of the few SEO experts you choose to listen to.

The title reads, “New Secret technique to leverage LinkedIn for Small businesses”. Now, if this email came from someone else, you would probably be marking the email as Spam, but this is from someone you follow and you decide to read the email.

Five minutes later, you look up and think to yourself “If someone tried that tactic with me, I would un-follow and avoid them in future”. Your ‘trusted’ guru is advocating a method of creating joining groups on LinkedIn and repeatedly sending them links to your content and links. This is borderline spamming. Don’t do it.

Knowing who to listen to is always a problem. Many people simply repeat what they have heard. Few people actually make plans and decisions based on the results of their own experiences and tests. This leads to a lot of out-dated advice floating around.

The following are some more ways to suck at using LinkedIn:

Multiple Social Media Accounts: The premise that you have to sign up at multiple social media sites to ‘maximise’ exposure, is one touted by so-called experts. At last count, there were over active 200 social media sites, with members ranging from one million to over two billion. How do you even begin to sign up and upload a unique profile to each one? There is a also the problem of staying relevant and focused. Your best bet is to find interested people at the big 3; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Automation of Posting: While there are many tools and APIs to automate posting and updating, you really need to assess your industry. Is frequent posting the norm? What kind of content do is useful to them? While some automation is good to keep your profile updated and fresh, it is a double edged sword as your communication can come off as impersonal. Unsolicited messages can can lead to you being labelled a spammer and possibly losing followers.

Really Get Social: As your company grows and you enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, you may be tempted to also outsource social media posting. While you may enjoy the ease of posting, your outsourcer may not be as industry savvy as you. This can lead to your communications lacking your voice, especially if you are in a really niche industry.

Having an incomplete business profile – A LinkedIn profile that is just full of only buzz words and marketing speak is not appealing to visitors. Your business page should have a company logo, with a detailed description of your business and industry. Take advantage of the high Domain Authority of LinkedIn and include a link to your company site.

Using LinkedIn to grow your network, is a very effective business strategy.

You have the chance to connect with like minded individuals and potential business partners. Keeping these five points in mind will help you craft a LinkedIn profile management schedule.

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