7 Steps To Hyper-Productive Social Media Management, Part 2.

In the concluding part of this article, we will tell you our best steps to getting the most out of your social media marketing methods when you are strapped for time.

Use Automation.

While I don’t usually recommend using automation, there can be a time and place for it. I do not recommend putting your entire social media on auto-pilot, but strategically used processes can help spread your message. Say you have a special promotion running, and you simply cannot be present on all social media platforms, automation can help.

One smart way to use automation to combine tools. An example is the double barrelled use of the Twitter research tool, Followerwonk to find your core target demographic, track their online habits, see who they follow and when they are most active on Twitter. Use the Buffer app to schedule posting of messages to your Twitter audience.

Strategically combining apps frees up your time and still allows you get your message across.

Smart Curation.

Stumped for time to get it all done? You can use content curation to drive your blog content strategy. Find the influential people & brands in your industry and share their amazing content with your followers. You can do weekly round ups of news and happenings in your industry. You will save a ridiculous amount of time by mixing curation with unique content production.

Some of the premier tools on the market today are Feedly, Buzzsumo and Swayy. Feedly is a much neater version of Google Reader. Buzzsumo helps you find the most shared content in your niche and Swayy helps find relevant content based on topics you have previously chosen.

Niche It Down.

There are a ton of options for social media, and, you can use every single one of them. The thing is, just how effective can such a rambling approach be? How can you consistently spread meaningful messages with a small budget? You simply can’t.

Focused marketing delivers the best marketing ROI. In 2014, YouTube videos, podcasting and blogging are being used more among marketers. This can help your business:

  • Product demonstrations on YouTube can help potential customers.
  • Blog content can be reused as infographics and presentations.
  • Display thought leadership by producing long form content like white papers.

Sharing relevant content on niche social media sites for your ‘fans’ can help your business in half the time it takes to use an unfocused approach.

Our bonus tip is to stay on track. With the multiple platforms out there and the urge to be relevant on all of them, many companies drift and lose sight of their goals. Their core marketing message gets diluted and distorted. Keeping your content focused and relevant is vital to pass the correct message across.

Even with your marketing plan and content strategy in place, you need to understand that it can take a while for social media marketing to get traction. Stick with it. Don’t become one of those companies that create Twitter accounts and totally abandon them (Even leaving their profile picture as the Egg!)

You should also be eager to embrace using new technology. Has a new marketing platform been launched?

Spend sometime on it and see if it can help your business. If it can, congratulations on being an early adopter, you will be ahead of the curve. You can increase your profits by selling a book on using it down the line. If it doesn’t, at least now you know and you can focus on other things.

At Search and More, we are skilled at creating targeted marketing campaigns. We use social media as part of our strategy to help find your core audience & create messages that resonate with them. Call us today and lets help your business grow.

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