Tips On Using Social Media For Businesses, Part 1.

How many social media platforms are you on?

Go on. Count them. I’ll wait.

Like many SMBs, you probably have one Facebook and Twitter account and think ‘we’re doing social’.

While this may suffice in certain industries, if you plan on generating any traffic via social, you need to expand your profiles. On the few profiles you have, how often do you post? Or interact with your followers?

With the slew of Google algorithm changes in 2014, the question you should be asking is ‘why am I not doing more social’? Many business owners have little time to devote to the ‘complexity’ of social media. There are also the two drawbacks of lack of an overall strategy and many competing business priorities.

While these are easily dealt with (trust me, they are), take a moment to consider these questions to determine if social media is for you:

  • Does your target audience want to interact with you on social media?
  • Do you have a clear and measurable goal for social? More traffic? More sales? More opt-ins?
  • How are your competitors doing on social media?
  • Do you have a unique offering?

Answering these questions correctly allows you to create relevant and targeted campaigns. Knowing how your target market uses social media and what their interests are will give you deeper insights as to the best way to connect with them.

Using social media costs either time or money. To minimise waste of either, your business needs a strategy to follow. What works for niche B2C businesses help generate B2B leads. The medium which you use to attract customers may not convert if the customers are not targeted.

Would you like more brand recognition, loyalty, and reduced marketing costs? Then 2015, you must incorporate a more social focused campaign. Here’s a compilation of some of our best tips for 2015:

1. Be Aggressive (within reason).

Don’t get so comfortable that you become forgettable. We aren’t advocating in-your-face ads 24/7, but don’t be afraid of annoying your customers. If you’re telling stories and engaging with them regularly, they will reciprocate with engagement and sales.

2. Don’t Get Lazy.

Never get so lazy that you post the same content, verbatim, across all your profiles. Trying to be all things to all people all the time is the fastest way to wreck your brand. Find the channel(s) that work for you and tune your message to them. One of the perks of social media is that you can re-purpose content. Text can be chopped to get bite-size tweets, can be converted to infographics. It can even be converted to an audio post or podcast.

3. Don’t Beg.

Don’t push hard for the cheap, meaningless metrics. Asking for Likes on every post gets annoying quick. If your content is any good, readers will be eager to share it without you asking. Show some restraint and focus that energy on creating great content.

4. Single Out Your Content.

Taking advantage of trending topics to attract quick traffic can go south fast if the trend is not in line with your brand. Social media is a process, let your content attract natural views.

5. The Dilemma Of Automation.

We all want things done quicker and faster, this leads to wanting to automate as many processes as we can. There are parts of your business you should never automate, such as retweets or responding to customer requests. The point of social media is they want a response, from a human, not a bot. Some aspects can be automated viz., social promotion using apps like Hootsuite and Sprout Social that allow you share content across multiple platforms at once.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Followers.

A study shows that 95% of customer posts on Facebook pages go unanswered. Be different and use social media to provide the best customer service possible. If people are thrilled at your service, they can become brand advocates.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Followers.

Use social listening to monitor your competitors and see what interactions they are getting. Spying on them to see what kind of content they’re sharing, promotional or non-promotional material? How quickly do they respond to requests? Focus on doing what they are doing and do it better.

8. Be Active.

When you’ve identified a channel that delivers incredible ROI, maintain an active presence. Is it Youtube? Add new videos to your YouTube channel regularly. Is it blogging? Multiple post types as often as possible. You can make this easier by creating an editorial calendar to work from.

These days, most consumers EXPECT brands to be on social media. And on at least three social channels? They’re seen as a company’s dedication to transparency and accountability. The people’s preferred choice of brand social pages? Facebook. Join us next week for tips on getting the best of individual platforms.

Figuring out frequency of posting, type of content, timing of posting, headline analysis paralysis, all these can daunt even seasoned marketers. Let Search and More create a winning campaign for your small business. Contact us today.

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