8 Ways To Capture More Leads Using Only Social Media.

Big or small, whether B2B or B2C, every business needs customers or at worst, slightly interested prospects.

Email marketing and blogging are excellent marketing channels, but only social media provides ‘instant’ feedback. You can quickly ‘gauge the temperature’ of your prospects.

Lead generation can be a straight forward process; find prospects and lead them to your site. Many sites are not optimised for conversions; causing any prospects that sent there to leave ASAP. Yet many are quick to blame lead generation efforts when they should be examining their conversion rates.

Before starting any lead generation campaign, assess your landing page to make sure it’s optimised for visitors.

With that done, here are 8 ways social media can help you gain more leads:


Based on numbers alone, Facebook offers the best place to connect with a large audience of prospects. With over 700 million active users, you’re bound to find someone who wants your product or service. If the FB population rattled you, There’s no need to get overwhelmed at those numbers; just roll out these strategies.

Start by sharing with what you already have; your blog content. Create a fan page for your business and share blog post snippets. Interesting snippets will attract clicks and visitors to read the content on your site. On ‘home turf’, you have the chance to collect emails, or pitch a product.

Promote your business by running contests on Facebook. The platform makes makes running a contest easy, with the use of Facebook contest apps. A contest will help your page get more likes while building a list of targeted leads. Encourage participants to share the contest details with their friends, for some more exposure.

Paid advertising is a minefield for many businesses. But on Facebook, it can be one of your best investments. Facebook ads are an effective way to capture new leads within your ideal demographic. Promote your blog posts to them or even your contest page to them.


While many small businesses shy away form Twitter, they are also staying away from 300 million active users. Twitter is famous for two things: companies ending up with egg on their face and as a platform for customers to complain about bad service. Yet, it still remains a targeted platform for building an engaged audience.

Start by building your own ‘tribe’. Don’t just amass followers, engage with them regularly so that you can hope to turn them into customers. Having a targeted following on Twitter is almost like having your own marketing team; passionate followers will not hesitate to retweet and share any content you put out.

Twitter’s 140-character limit hampers the ability to share full blog posts, but therein lies the power of engaged followers. If you consistently put out content that educates and entertains your followers, they’ll have no problem with going to your site to read the content.

One mistake that many businesses make is to insert more than one link in their tweets. Prospects are already paralysed by the choice of what to click, what to watch or read; don’t make it harder for them. Keep it simple, and more people will click through to your site or offer.


Despite the popularity of other image sharing platforms, Pinterest still boasts a sizeable 72 million users. Contrary to popular opinion, every business CAN use interest to generate leads. It boils down to using a little ingenuity.

The easiest way to get started is to post images that attract your ideal demographic, regularly. Intersperse this with a few links to your site or latest blog post. If your images are attractive enough, they will visit your site.

Businesses should start by posting images and links to their blog posts to drive traffic to their site. They can then be introduced to your marketing funnel.

Pinterest also offers a platform for hosting contests that is only matched by Facebook. With over 3,000 users pinning images per minute, it’s easy to get people to participate.

For businesses that sell physical products, ask fans for testimonials or just uploads of the product they bought from you. This provides social proof and also user generated content for you.

These are cheap and straightforward social strategies across the 3 most popular platforms. Which one are you going to start using today?

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