Addicted To Social? Who, Me?

Rain check! Yes we are all extremely tech-obsessed these days.

You only have to hear how many tweets are sent daily, (500 million) to know that. And 1.28 billion people use Facebook daily. Scary stats, are we becoming addicted?

Some people I know actually spend time doing things so that they can recreate it on social. Hands up who is guilty of doing that?

Well when you start doing things to fit your life around the social actions of your day, then maybe it’s time for a social cold shower. We can’t obsess about social to the extent that we forget what we would instinctively do.

And we certainly should be able to get through the day, doing the most ordinary things without tweeting about them.. shouldn’t we?

How do we know if we are addicted to social?

Well my theory is that if you are tweeting about things that you are doing and feeling in real time, then that’s a sign you could curb your enthusiasm a little. Simply because you are sharing rather than actually focusing on yourself.

While the platforms are great for keeping up with business and clients and networking, on a personal note, too much engagement can really be detrimental to our happiness. There’s the feeling that you don’t measure up to your successful and happy friends if all you do is look at how the grass could be greener. And you are only seeing a tiny edited version of what people want you to see about their lives. It’s all engagements and holidays and kids and who is doing what. It’s tiring just thinking about keeping up with everyone.

And it’s easy for all of that to make you feel anxious. I know I don’t like it when I don’t have access to my phone. I refresh my twitter feed when I wake up occasionally. It sounds so awful now I come to think about it. And with Christmas around the corner and family time the most important thing, maybe we could all take a step back. Limit the time that we spend on our social apps. Try to delete them from our phones even.

It could be the beginning of a whole new sociable you.

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