Audience engagement is crucial to strategic success on social media claims new Ascend2 study

In the world of social media, what’s the most important objective for marketing professionals? What’s their principle strategy? Is it driving brand awareness? Increasing sales, or driving more traffic to their websites? Well, although each one of these strategies is important in its own right, the most important consideration for marketers appears to be increasing engagement. How can we be so sure of that? Well, simply because that’s what marketing professionals say.

In October, 2015, a study by Ascend2, a research and marketing company, conducted a poll of over 294 marketing, sales and business professionals worldwide, and asked each respondent what their principle social media marketing strategy was. The answer, for over two thirds of the respondents, was increasing engagement. Whilst each respondent also regarded increasing brand awareness, lead generation and website traffic as important marketing strategies: increasing audience engagement was crucial in their opinion.

So if engagement is crucial to strategic success on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, how do these companies go about building this resonance with their audiences? Well, according to 82 per cent of those polled, it’s all about creating compelling content. So what sort of content are we talking about here? Well, basically it’s anything that draws an audience in: great content that inspires, informs and resonates with readers, whether that’s video, blog posts or infographics.

That’s all well and good if you are able to create your own great content, but what if you’re short of ideas or can’t afford to buy in outside help? How do you generate great content that inspires and engages? Well, the advice seems to be keep the content simple and don’t try to reinvent the wheel: keep content relevant, interesting and unique and, most importantly of all, make sure it’s easy to read.

If you’re still struggling for inspiration for inspiration, then try to stick to this simple formula. If you want to engage with your audience, make sure your content:

  • Resonates with its audience
  • Engages with its readership
  • Satisfies its niche market
  • Understands its audience
  • Listens to what its customers want and interacts with these wishes
  • Tries to offer informative ideas and new perspectives

If you can deliver high-quality content that ticks all of these boxes then not only with you better engage with your audience, you’ll also improve your search engine visibility.

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