Blogging Isn’t Just Intended To Build Business Leads; It Helps Your Business Gain Credibility.

Every business has its ups and downs: sometimes your company will be flying high, yet at other times your business will find itself in a bit of a rut.

What every company wants to do, of course, is attract new customers, and cement the existing relationships it already has. The question is what’s the best strategy for achieving that? What options are open to you? Well if you take the word of many marketers then the answer would be to go down the social media route. The experts will tell you that using Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn will help you build a bond with your target audience and become an essential part of the online community. Well, that’s the theory anyway. The only problem with this is that despite its obvious advantages, the social media isn’t the great panacea that many claim it to be. Research published last year clearly showed that if you really want to connect with your audience, then you should target your resources on blogging. Statistically article marketing is proven to be the best way of inbound marketing, and will help you to build not only backlinks but also tempt new customers. So, is blogging really the best strategy for your business?

A business blog is invaluable because it gives you the chance to promote your business and helps you connect with your target audience.

There isn’t really a better way of keeping your profile in the spotlight: as the RSW statistics clearly demonstrate.  Blogging, obviously, isn’t the only marketing strategy you’ll have to rely on obviously, but it’s one of a number of measures to consider when you’re trying to optimise your website. Releasing new material on a weekly or daily basis will bring your website to the attention of search engines. The more you write, the more likely it is that search engines will pick up on your contribution. The most successful and prominent websites release new content regularly in the hope of increasing their business ranking on the search engines. This won’t guarantee your business will reach number 1 on Google’s rankings, but it might just give you a business edge

Why are internet marketing blogs so effective?

The search engines like them.

Search engines appreciate blogs because they keep sites fresh, vibrant and alive. Google wants freshness now, and it also wants relevance. So if you provide this, then you really can’t go wrong. The only possible hurdle might be the quality of the content itself. It’s no good just rehashing everything on your existing website and trying the hard sell: it’s also no use just writing any old drivel just to keep things ticking over. Search engines frown on sites that provide poor quality content: they much prefer articles that inform and advise and give readers a different perspective. It might seem like a lot of bother for a rather intangible reward, bit it is worth it in the long run. Quality blogging will improve search engine ranking and therefore attract new traffic.

They inform.

Writing regular business blogs can be beneficial for all businesses. They can attract readers with shared interests and can help build a sense of awareness and brand-loyalty. Everybody likes to feel they’re getting something for nothing: when you blog you’re providing free information for your customers and they will appreciate this. The articles obviously need to be relevant to your particular line of business, but that shouldn’t restrict you unnecessarily. If you want to go off on a tangent occasionally, then go for it. Keep it fresh.

Blogs make marketing more effective and targeted.

Nobody really appreciates the hard sell approach adopted by some companies. Aggressive tactics can be irritating and often turn prospective customers away. Article marketing is a more subtle form of marketing. The readers you share your articles with are generally brand loyal and interested in what you’re saying, so you know you’re targeting the right audience.

Blogs are useful tools for providing customer feedback and service.

Internet businesses rely heavily on customer loyalty, so building a relationship with these customers is essential. The best way to do this is by establishing a two-way conversation with your followers and making them an integral part of the overall experience. If customers feel that you and they are in it together, they’re much more likely to stay loyal. Customers are also in the best position to tell you what’s good about your business, and what isn’t. Therefore it makes sense to involve them as much as possible. Let them comment on your blogs and ask them be your own focus group to test and research new ideas and products: if there’s a problem with what you do, listen to the feedback and respond through your blog. By involving customers in the whole experience, you will make them feel special and that has to be good for business.

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