How to build a stronger social media presence

If you want to create a stronger online presence, then eventually you’re going to have to turn to social media. No-one is pretending that social media is form of magic bullet, but its relevance in today’s digital world cannot be ignored. If you want your business to succeed, then you’re going to have to get active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – preferably sooner rather than later. But how do you get started? What should you do and where should you concentrate your efforts? Well, here are 6 simple social tips that could potentially help you turbocharge your online efforts.

Aim for consistency

Why should that be important? Well, because people generally like to know what they’re getting, and if your social media presence is inconsistent and erratic they won’t get that. Have a plan in mind before you commit and stick to it. Post regularly on the networks you choose to share on, and stick to your schedule. There’s no point posting monthly then having a flurry of activity for a short period only to follow that with occasional posts. Set an agenda and stick to it.

Utilise all the networks, but concentrate on the ones that produce the best results

People often say if you try to be a Jack of all trades on social media, you spread yourself too thinly and lose relevance. To some extent that is true. But there’s no reason not to maintain accounts on all the major networks. You may prefer Facebook and Instagram, but many of your followers might prefer Twitter. By not having a presence you could be losing out of valuable business.

However, experience will teach you that some networks will work more successfully for your particular line of business and your particular customers. So identify which are the most profitable networks and focus your major efforts there. Keep your hand in on the other ones by all means, but concentrate on the ones that bring the greater returns.

Tailor your content for each platform

You may have a presence on all the major networks, but you won’t be able to use the same content. Obviously in the case of Twitter that much is self-evident. To be successful you’ll have to tailor content to suit each platform and format content accordingly: photos for Instagram, longer posts for LinkedIn and videos for Facebook. The important thing is that your posts for each platform should be different even if you’re delivering the same message.

Make sure your social profile aligns with your brand voice

It’s great when you get follows and likes on social networks, but they in themselves mean little. Attention is fine but it won’t pay the bills. Your content really needs to reflect your brand identity and fit in with your company ethos.

Don’t be afraid to post less popular content

Some posts like testimonials and recommendations may not be sexy, but they are important none the less. They help to establish your validity and authority in the market place. Content like this might not get too many shares and likes, but it’s still important for building your business credibility.

Aim to strike a balance between popularity and business

This is perhaps the most difficult of all tasks on social media. We all want to be popular, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that we’re also trying to run a business. The trick is to strike the right sort of chord and find the balance. Aim for popularity by all means, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re a credible and serious business with a reputation to uphold.

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