How to Determine if Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Underperforming

There is nothing more disappointing than working long and hard for no reward. It’s even more disappointing when you are the person behind it and your digital marketing strategy plan isn’t reaping rewards for your business or client.

Nobody is perfect and we all can get in the way of our own success at times, but there are clear signs when your digital marketing strategy is not working how it should and a good percentage of the time it falls down to the owner not doing what is needed to keep it moving properly.

Now any good digital marketing agency in Stockport will tell you the definitive guide to great marketing, now let’s take a look at what could be the problem.

Thin Leads

Whilst business to client firms expect an average of up to 20 leads a day, business to business firms is a little bit different.

Business to business firms should be realistically expecting between 15-20 leads every month. Now if you are a few months into the digital marketing strategy and you are seeing as little as 3 to 5 business leads per month through your website, then you definitely have a problem somewhere.

Then there could be the opposite where you see a lot of leads but the quality does not match up or the target audience is of course. It’s hard to tell which is more frustrating but both are definitely not what you would be paying for.

Hitting the Wrong Targets

For example, if you are a firm that specialises in a product for high market businesses with certain earnings but you are getting constant leads from start-up firms with much lower earnings then your marketing message or positioning is definitely out of sorts.

You could also be getting enquiries from other businesses that don’t qualify for your target market, which in great volumes means that your digital marketing strategy needs to be reviewed and updated.

This may require the overview of an agency that specialises in internet marketing Hazelgrove can fully identify what, why and where the problems are persisting.

Bad Traffic

If you have a ton of internet traffic to your website but they are not people in your target audience, it’s not necessarily a positive impact on your bottom line.

Your traffic is aimed to be an engaged audience who will visit multiple pages and spend around a minute and a half on your website. If your website is spiking high in website traffic but the total time averages around 30 seconds with 1 page or less, then that quality is not what you are wanting.

It could be a number of factors, such as not having a responsive web design in Stockport that clients now expect due to increased use of mobile tech, or it could be an overabundance of pop-ups that annoy the client also. If any of these feel overly familiar then give the team at Search and More a call today to identify, clarify and rectify all your digital marketing strategy problems the right way. We can give you a digital marketing strategy plan that works.

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