Everything you need to know about Instagram’s latest beta feature

In early November Instagram rolled out a beta test of its latest feature – to widespread critical acclaim amongst social media experts and digital marketing experts. This new adaptation to the interface enables users to follow hash-tags, making it much easier to find what you like and see more of what you love. Today we explain several ways you can use Instagram’s latest beta modification to your advantage.

So what’s different?

At present Instagram’s composition is fairly simple. Set up an account, follow others, then encourage them to follow you. Meanwhile, hash-tags make it easy to locate post topics you want to engage with. Behind the scenes, hash-tags are an integral aspect of Instagram’s complex algorithm – which takes a range of factors into account. Hash-tags are one of the priority factors in this process, so it makes sense that the platform is looking to further tap maximise their capabilities. The new feature takes hash-tags to another level, allowing users to actively follow a particular hash-tag in addition to specific accounts. Essentially the way in which users view and use hash-tags will change – from using them to try and find niche content or someone who posts about a topic, you can simply follow the topic itself.

How can Instagram’s new feature help your business?

Proper use of hash-tags is one of the most powerful ways to maximise exposure and reach on Instagram – so this new capability is set to supercharge that. What this means is that it’s never been more important to integrate an intelligent and varied range of hash-tags into every post you share. Businesses can reach wider online audiences of people who aren’t yet aware of who they are and what they do, simply by featuring a hash-tag and popping up on the feed of a person who follows that tag. In short, your audience instantly becomes wider and more diverse – filled with people who aren’t yet following you but are now exposed to your content via the new feature.

Maximise and supercharge your hash-tags

Now is the time to re-evaluate and reassess the hash-tags you’re currently using. Ask yourself whether they are really performing for you and hit refresh – researching new hash-tags through checking out competitors and current trends. Then use a varied mix on each post, with the aim of showing up in more and more feeds. Certain hash-tags will be more effective for your business than others – so ensure they are present in each and every post to keep you firmly in the feeds of individuals following those tags, who are likely to occupy your target market.

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