Facebook Marketing 101.

With over one billion people with active profiles on Facebook, marketing on Facebook should be a weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Add that stat to the results from a recent poll that ranked it as the number one social media tool for marketers.

The problem lies with the potential overwhelm that can occur. Facebook has people, corporations and even animals among its list of users. How do you tailor your ads and compete with the other 999, 999 advertisers vying for users’ eyeballs?

Those figures show that it can be a really slippery slope to navigate. One wrong move and you end up with this kind of ‘results‘. A recent survey by YouGov reported that 57% of those interviewed do not trust retailers that have active social media presences. They see it as an opportunity to target them with ads, over and over again.

This can be a problem, especially if you are in a market where your audience shops primarily online.

The key is to be the brand or retailer they WANT to interact with. How can you achieve this on Facebook? The following steps will show you :

The first step is to map out a Marketing Plan. What are your goals for this campaign? What resources do you have/need to meet these goals? Are you working within a time frame? What result signifies the end of the campaign? A certain subscriber amount or a marked increase in profit? Know these before you start.

Next is Deep Research. I know it may seem obvious and you have heard it a ton of times, but many businesses fail to do the initial research AND maintain an continuous environmental scan. While one set of market conditions may exist at the beginning of your campaign, the environment can change at any time during the campaign.

This research is of 3 major segments :

  • Your target market – Who exactly will this campaign benefit? You need to drill down and laser focus your efforts on this core audience. Are you improving relations with current customers? Or aiming to attract new ones?
  • Your product – What exactly does your product do? Does it have one use or many/ How do you deliver it to paying customers? These are questions you need answers to before you show it off to potential buyers.
  • Your competition – There will be competition, but it only shows there is money in the market. Study them and see what they have done to attract customers. Aim to do better than them.

Research done and customers sighted, it is time to set up a Facebook Page for your business. A professional page doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. Keep design and loud colours to a minimum (except you are selling LED strobe lights). Fill out your about section. Add tabs to connect your other social media profiles.
Don’t forget this step – TELL THEM. Past customers, similar businesses, anyone, spread the word to get the ball rolling. You can only get visitors if people know your page exists.

Feed your fans – Now that you have visitors to your page, do your best to over deliver.

  • Serve them content that they can’t find else where. From tutorials about using your product, even if they have purchased to podcasts with experts in your industry. Post engaging that will motivate people to comment, share and like your posts. You need to catch and hold the attention of your audience.
  • Use images. Funny ones, thought provoking ones, shocking ones; as long as they are relevant to your product or service.
  • Create a content calendar. Use apps, like Hootsuite, to schedule and post them, so you give visitors a reason to come back over and over again.
  • Run awesome contests and giveaways. People love free stuff,. In exchange for a like, a comment or a share, you can greatly boost user interaction and engagement.

Tip – OVER DELIVER on these, and you will create fans for life, like Papa Johns’ Pizza.

Funnel all that Traffic – Share your Facebook page with existing subscribers and across your other social media profiles. You can include pages on your site among the posts you put up on the Facebook page. This will also help improve traffic to your business site.
This short, free blueprint will get you started with marketing your Small/Medium business on Facebook. Now that you are gaining traction, you can ramp up your traffic by buying ads. We urge you to only do this if you are comfortable with media buying.

At SearchandMore, we help set up & run social media campaigns. No matter your platform of choice, we can set up a campaign targeted to your unique audience. A campaign that will yield results. Give us a call today.

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