Finding results with Facebook?

Whilst it still enjoys popularity despite an insurgence of social media alternatives, Facebook is one of the most underused business promotion platforms online – with many shying away from it because they feel it’s not going to benefit their business. Often businesses find that they don’t see the results they’d hoped for from Facebook in terms of traffic, conversions, enquiries and engagement. So why could this be – and how could you improve your presence on Facebook?

Facebook is still a viable social media platform for businesses

Despite the public bashing Facebook has endured over the years (it’s out of date, it has fewer users than before) the statistics don’t always back up the rumour mill.

Facebook certainly has its drawbacks. Its algorithms mean that your best posts may not be seen by many people. It’s difficult to get page Likes. But it also enables you to post video which plays automatically in people’s news feeds. It has over 1.65 billion active users worldwide. And its location-led technology is enabling businesses to exploit its reach even further. For all these reasons and more it’s not a savvy decision to close down your Facebook page just yet.

Choose your audience

We always recommend that you target your social media efforts based on your audience. For example, does your next best customer use Facebook or Pinterest? This is important as it’s going to directly affect the engagement level you experience – and the amount of revenue you generate online. Facebook along with Twitter is a solid starting point for all businesses on social media. If you feel that Facebook really isn’t appropriate then keep a page and link it with a Twitter account to ensure it’s populated – but don’t throw it away.

Take advantage of paid advertising

Facebook’s paid advertising facility is really very good. Whilst some might recoil at the thought of spending more money on their digital marketing strategy Facebook lets you retain control of your budget – with the cost of advertising starting at just £3 a day for some. This enables you to test the water and further identify your target market through ‘dummy ads’ before taking the plunge and promoting adverts or posts to up to 20 million people in your local area or in several geographical locations nationally or worldwide.

Facebook takes time

Unlike its more instantaneous counterparts Twitter and Instagram Facebook can be a slow burner when it comes to seeing tangible results. It’s much harder to secure a ‘Like’ on Facebook compared with a ‘Follow’ on Twitter – but in many ways that’s a good thing. With Facebook quality is maintained – people will only like a page if they are truly interested in its content. On Twitter the culture is much more relaxed – follow at will, even if you’re not going to engage with the user at all. This undoubtedly works in a company’s favour.

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