“Little Fish In A Big Pond”: Social Media Strategies.

In a vast ocean one little fish has no significance really. How does that little fish get recognition?

The World Wide Web, although relatively young, is like the vast ocean, your business is the little fish. So how does your business get recognition? Easy, through well managed social media strategies.

Diving into social media without a strategy is just setting your business up to fail. Without a strategy you are basically trying to navigate in the vast ocean without a compass, or a map. So you have no way of knowing where you will end up.

All successful sales and promotion work is achieved through marketing.

Social media is simply marketing. We are familiar with advertisements on bill boards, TV, e-mail, all these avenues have carefully planned strategies and measurements for success, Social media is no different.

When starting your business Social media marketing can seem daunting and intimidating and management of this is an essential part of business and budget planning. Social media is a massive medium that includes many various sites. You need to find out  where your “audience” hangs out. Identify and target your audience and ask yourself “what” and “who” is your marketing strategy aimed at. Bearing in mind all the sites are intertwined and can cross over, so the audience is a floating audience dropping in on several sites.

Social media reaches and appeals to all ages and cultures; allowing global access within seconds it encourages interaction and subject specific conversations to occur, permits community members to share experiences. The amount of visitors or people accessing your site is known as your traffic. What all companies aim for is to get on the first page of the search engine. What draws traffic to you company is content and a well structured site.

Optimising social media is like a well planned fishing trip.

You need a whole kit to ensure you catch the fish you want. You need to ensure your profiles have the right focus key words, that your content is relative and “findable”. The keep link between search engines and social media is being found. You need to use the right bait.

At Search and More we specialise in building the right tools for you, finding the right bait. Don’t be fooled into thinking Social media is a quick and easy solution to success, a lot of hard work goes into the Strategic planning and management. Ensure that you are found in the vast ocean of the world wide web. Make your business a success with our team of professional internet marketing strategists.

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