Are your followers really followers?

Social media is a great way for businesses to interact with potential and existing clients, and build their brand’s profile. But to do this, they need a platform that attracts a substantial number of interested people to engage with it. There are many ways to grow your follower base (you can find handy tips and tricks in our related articles here), but growth alone is often a false focus for many businesses wanting to increase sales through social media.

Are your followers really following you?

It’s easy to get hung up on numbers, figures and analytics without actually considering substance. For example, your recent Twitter post received ten likes. But of those likes, four users were bots, three were fellow businesses garnering reciprocal interaction, and three were potential leads. What this means is that only a third of the people exposed to your post actually had purchasing potential. On the whole this figure can be projected – and in many cases businesses find that only a small portion of their follower base will actually spend money with them.

Why are engaged followers important?

It’s true that on most social networks numbers express the power of a brand. So if a brand has a substantial number of followers, it naturally projects an image of authority. But whilst quantity does matter, quality is also key. The more people you have following you who actually care about and connect with your brand, the more likely it is that you will gain new clients and loyal customers through social media.

Therefore to experience tangible results over social media (and ultimately make more money), the majority of your followers must fall within your target demographic.

How can you build a quality follower base comprised of relevant individuals from your target market?

A targeted approach is needed in order to build a quality follower base. As you grow your profile, follow users whose profiles match your ‘ideal customer’ – people who are similar to your current best customer. For example, if you are a power tool company, ensure that you are bringing yourself to the attention of trades. If you are an accountant specialising in SMEs, trawl networks for local small business owners and directors. If you sell expensive night cream target women who appear to actively have an interest in anti-ageing – and the disposable income to spend on your products. These searches can be conducted organically, using hash-tags or by using add-on software like Crowdfire. Don’t follow (or follow back) spam accounts, bots and companies who are only getting in touch to get you to spend money with them (unless you are actually interested).  It’s worth widening your circle however once you’ve identified and followed members of your target market to include influencers they recognise who could share your posts and offer even greater exposure.

What should I do if I feel my follower base is poor quality?

If you’re stuck in a rut with social media and feel that the majority of your follower base doesn’t engage with your content, we can help. We employ a holistic approach, incorporating social media, blogs and diverse SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website and increase revenue for your business. For advice, support or to discuss your project simply give us a call or drop us an email today.

For more online marketing and social media tips why not take a look at our related articles here on the blog? Alternatively if you’d like expert assistance in growing your brand through digital marketing techniques drop us a line today to see how we can help.

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