Four tips for boosting social media sharing

What’s the key driver for social media marketing? The answer is engagement. How’s that so? Well, having an engaged audience fuels likes and shares, leads and ultimately sales. However, the greatest challenge for businesses on social media is keeping this audience engagement, and you can only do that by providing great content: that is, creative content that resonates and fosters a brand-loyal family of like-minded fans.

The question is how do businesses improve their ssocial media sharing and conversions? Well, here are four simple tips that might help your business’ social media marketing strategy in 2017.

Make greater use of social videos and focus on live-streaming for the greatest impact

Why make such a fuss about video usage? Well, it’s because it’s extremely popular. According to Social Media Today there are 8 billion video views on an average day on Facebook alone. What’s more, the same source found that users will spend as much as 3 times longer watching live videos than they will watching pre-recorded material. Videos immediately capture attention, and statistics show that people are more likely to buy products after watching a relevant video. So, the take away from this is that businesses should make much greater use of video in 2017.

  • Keep videos short and pithy: one to two minutes is sufficient
  • Keep your audience hooked and interested by telling a story
  • Make better use of behind-the scenes videos, customer testimonials and how-to videos. These will generally get more people sharing your content and buying your products.
  • Don’t be afraid to host live Q&A sessions: they give followers the chance to interact with a brand in real-time and offer exclusivity.
  • Post socially at optimal times for maximum impact

It’s widely acknowledged that there are optimal times when followers are most likely to engage with content. Although this won’t necessarily apply to all businesses, various studies have found that there are certain times when Facebook and Twitter posts will be better received. How do you find out when these ‘ideal’ times are? Well, fortunately there are a number of analytics tools that can do the hard work for you: tools like Hubspot and Buffer that will give you an indication of suggested publishing times.

Curate content if you get the chance

It might seem counter-intuitive to suggest that using someone else’s content can help to boost your own profile and increase your own levels of engagement, but the fact of the matter is, it works. Curating content and gathering together and sharing the best content available for your niche, works in a number of ways: it can help with recognition from influencers, boost brand awareness, increase followers and increase social media sharing. What’s more, it’s also an effective way of filling any gaps in your own content strategy, particularly if you’re running out of unique insights to post.

Visuals boost engagement: so use them where you can

Visuals can play an important role when it comes to getting your content shared and clicked on. According to Hubspot posts using relevant images are 94 per cent more likely to get shared than posts without images. The type of visuals they refer to are infographics, memes and high-resolution images. These visuals undoubtedly increase engagement on social platforms. However, if there’s a note of caution it’s this: any images you use must be sympathetic and aligned to your brand message and complement your blog content.

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