Get A 12% Increase In Traffic Using Pinterest.

To different people , Pinterest means different things.

The SEO manager sees it as a source of incoming links, the bride-to-be visits to get ideas for her wedding, the graphic designer looking for that font to jazz up a presentation.

With such diverse needs, how does Pinterest keep the 43million monthly users engaged (average time on site is over 7minutes)! Pinterest was officially launched in March 2010, and had attracted over 11 million users by January 2011. How did Ben Silbermanns’ idea jump into Time Magazines’ list of 50 Best sites of 2011. In less than a year!

He kept it simple.

By working off of our fascination with images and our love of ‘collecting’ things, he created a platform that combined both. If you see a picture you like, you can like and ‘repin’ to your own boards. Boards can also be set up so that other people can pin to. You know, like a HUGE pinboard of the coolest pictures, but online.

The jury is still out on whether ‘pins’ directly increase search engine rankings, but I can bet the engagement metrics shoot through the roof. The engaged prospects on your Pinterest board will click through to a landing page of your choice, to see more images.

Knowing how you can benefit from Pinterest traffic, here are three easy steps to getting traffic that converts –
1. Knowing Pinterest is emotion driven and image driven, create your ideal customer persona. Figure out what makes them tick. Use FaceBook and Quantcast to research that market segment. Is your ideal customer a 35 year old mum with one child? Stay at home or Working class? It pays to know your ideal customer.

2. Create images that they will relate to and want to share. I see people make one common mistake. The internet is awash in a sea of cat videos and funny memes. Many people usually equate this to mean theses kind of images are great for marketing.

They are not. You may get many pins and repins, but if visitors are not taking the action that you desire, it is a wasted effort. You need to use images that make people take an action.

  • One way to do this is to add an enticing description to the picture. Your description should make them want to click through. The easiest way to do this is to show them a benefit if they do.
  • Another way to guarantee increased click-throughs is to present your information as a picture tutorial. Leave off the final pictures and have them click on to your site to get the rest of it.

3. Don’t be selfish. Create targeted boards and add images & photos from other users. This interaction and sharing is the whole point of social media. This can drive traffic back to your own image boards and you can link off to your site.

The power of Pinterest marketing must not b underestimated. While the statistics say 70% of Pinterest users are female, you can still reach a wide audience that includes males. How? When people ‘repin’ your pictures (and links) across multiple boards, other people will be exposed to links back to your site.

Ready to take advantage of Pinterest for a traffic boost? Get in touch with Search and More today, on 0161 669 5544.

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