Get Storytelling On Social.

If there’s one thing you need to do through your social channels it’s tell the story. The about us. The history. The why and the how.

If we look at how social has shifted in the past two years it’s focus is now very much on how we tell things. No more the traditional digest of TV and newspapers. The consumers are the ones who tell us what to do now.

Will They Share It?

People want to share because they are inspired, because you made them laugh, because it was original. If you aren’t doing that then you have to question why you are posting whatever it is in the first place.

Will They Remember It?

When you are fighting for attention, visuals are really important, history is really important and the consumer is really important. Whatever it is you are doing has to resonate with them in some way. That could be a nostaligic image harking back to your company history or it could be focusing on something that your customer will be interested in.

Will They Want More?

This isn’t about bombarding your consumers with lots of ads and promotions that will alter the perception of your brand. It’s about being relevant, being creative and being interesting.

Where To Start?

Listen and learn to what your customers want and then slip in a really targeted post to see how it works. If you get the hits then try it again. If not, then try something different. Whatever it is, make sure it’s visual, inspiring and tells some part of your story.

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