Getting on-side with Google – 3 hot tips

Success online inevitably involves search giant Google. Google is now an elementary part of our daily lives, helping us to find businesses, buy products, watch videos and connect with friends. Yet Google also helps us to make an assessment on which business to engage with, based on how visible you are. Therefore subliminally Google’s impression of you forms the impression of others. The efficacy of your digital campaign therefore hinges on how highly you are ranked by Google – as without this recognition and promotion it’s unlikely you’ll even be seen by those in your target demographic.

So how can you get Google on-side? Make a start with our three top tips.

Ensure you’re registered with Google

A lot of businesses make the mistake of investing in a website without registering with Google or even possessing a Google account. It’s essential that you do this as it enables Google to link your business (and any marketing activity you do online) to your website itself. Once registered you’ll be given a Gmail account – you don’t have to use this, but it may be useful at a later date for gathering email addresses. You’ll also be prompted to create a Google+ account (great for duplicating your social content so that it’s seen and processed by Google). Your Youtube account, Business account and Analytics will also be attached to this and should be enabled.

Get on the right networks

You may not have heard of Google+ before – or perhaps if you have you think of it as the ‘poor relation’ compared with its more popular social counterparts. But dismissing Google+ can be a big mistake.

This is because anything owned by Google is naturally prioritised by Google. This includes Youtube and Google+. Any content you post on either of these channels will receive priority status, boosting you up the rankings ahead of competitors who don’t exploit these social streams. Of course you should still continue to use other social media networks – simply duplicate your Facebook content onto Google and share blogs and videos on a regular basis to start experiencing results.

Post regular quality content

The content you post on your site (and onto other sites like Reddit, Facebook, LifeHacker and Google+) has a great influence on your Google ranking. Firstly it needs to be high quality – this means it’s engaging, informative, well-structured and free of grammatical errors. For this you may need a professional copywriter on board.

Secondly it needs to fulfil Google’s criteria for regular posting. You should be continually sharing content with users to remain front of mind – so this should be a weekly if not twice-weekly occurrence. Thirdly it needs to be in the right places and seen by the right people. As mentioned before, this means that ideally it should be posted across several networks, including Google+.

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