Google +: The USPs.

Google + isn’t all bad you know. Yes it’s begun muscling in to a competitive arena, but it’s got a lot to offer.

There was a time when people thought Facebook was going to choke on it’s own connections and when the anti-Twitter camp was the only true way. Everything starts as a fad. But there are too many unique selling points about Google + so shouldn’t keep ourselves in the dark. Here are a few great reasons to turn on to Google +.

1. It’s A Visual Paradise.

Did you know you can automatically back-up your Android or iphone pictures and improve the colour and tone. The Auto Awesome set of photo-editing tools can also erase people in the background or add animated sprinklings. So for the photographers of the world, it’s got the edge.

2. You Decide Who You Post To.

They don’t have to be on Google to read your post. All you need to do is add their email. A neat trick. And definitely one up on Facebook. That’s one of the reasons people don’t like being tied to it.

3. You Have a Lot More Space.

There’s more opportunity than any other network to say what you think. Something like 10,000 characters per post making Twitter’s 140 seem a little stingy and Facebook’s 60,000 a tad on the stingy side.

4. You Can Broadcast Live.

Yes it’s true. You Can Start Your Own Hangout On Air Show and reach the world through a live video broadcast. You have to plan in advance to watch on Google +. Mostly used for live chat sessions it’s a great interactive way to get involved in everything from politics and music to sports.

5. You Can Use GIFs!

Ok so Google + is not alone in this. Tumblr and Pinterest allow you to use GIFs as well. It’s still worth a point.

6. There Are No Ads.

I think this one is self explanatory.

Much to think about then.

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