Is Google’s Embracing Of Social Media Any Benefit To Your Business?

It’s widely believed that 2011 will be the year when Google fully integrates social media into its search results.

All things being equal that will benefit your business, won’t it? Well, nothing can ever be taken for granted. In future you may find that below your listing there could be reviews, Tweets and videos that comment on your business and these could have a direct impact on others who may wish to visit your website.
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If everyone only posted positive recommendations then it wouldn’t be a problem. If, on the other hand, the comments are largely negative, what should you do and how will your business respond?

Keep updating your own website content for a start

Links in social media do have some influence on your website’s ranking, so the more content you can push out yourself virally, the better: use blogs, photos and videos – anything that you believe to be link worthy.

Make sharing easy

By making your website easier to share, you make it more social. All popular websites now have links to Facebook, Twitter and the like. Try integrating these and other similar links into your own website.

Quality is paramount

It doesn’t matter how many keywords you use or how you weight them. If the content you put on your site is of a poor quality, then no one will want to share it. Include top quality branded content on your site and others users will want to share it.

Add a comment link

Allow your customers the opportunity to respond to you, ask questions and add comments. This will become more important when customers start to Tweet if the comments are unfavourable. Monitor user’s comments and respond, particularly if the comments are not complimentary. Be sure to be circumspect in your replies though and always endeavour to remain diplomatic.

Try using video

It’s easier for customers to watch a video about your business than it is for them to read lots of text. Although it might seem like a lot of unnecessary work, it might make an appreciable difference. Don’t simply include videos of the products you sell, but also add videos of the people who control the company. Why not try adding them to YouTube for even more exposure: it might help your business in the long run.

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