Group Management.

When it comes to social and business there’s only one platform to be on.

So here’s our weekly top tip on how to get the best from LinkedIn. This week it’s all about Group Management.

Groups are a compelling way to connect to others on LinkedIn. So if you’re a community manager new or seasoned here are a few ways to get the best out of it.

Supervise Your Group.

  • Be an active manager. Every group registration needs to be manually approved, ideally with a welcome email telling them how they can use the group, interact with you and how to get in touch with you.
  • Keep in touch with members directly with helpful information.
  • Actively look for potential members through LinkedIn and your other networks and invite them through InMail.
  • Support and encourage users when they become vocal to help the group thrive.
  • Handle renegades with strong opinions carefully you don’t want to start a trail of uninformative rants.
  • Direct people to other areas if they are talking about things outside the box.
  • Check the LinkedIn tools to see how they can help manage your LinkedIn contacts.
  • Export all your contacts

Connect To Others.

  • Interact through webinars, polls and online chats. Be creative and connect wherever you can.
  • Listen to discussions and see if users are looking for added feature, if there are ways you can offer assistance yourself or point them to assistance off site. The goal is to become a source users rely on, not make the whole show about you.
  • Start new discussions to develop community. End with a question to instigate responses and opinion.
  • Brainstorm with your key members to find new ideas and use them in the group where possible.
  • Highlight members for special contributions occasionally.
  • Community comes first. This isn’t the place to sell services.

Share With The Group.

  • Shout about new features on LinkedIn.
  • Instigate connections between users where appropriate.
  • Provide tools for members to share presentations and more.

Promote The Group.

  • Show and tell – Share the group on other networks, post the URL on your website and related social media sites.
  • Push the group by offering badges for members to put on websites linking to the group.
  • Advertise – Facebook and LinkedIn Ads can be handy.
  • Spread the word – Let everyone you talk to offline and on know about the group.

Join Like Minded Groups.

  • Make sure you know what groups are best for you before you join them.
  • Check the group statistics and demographics to ensure you have the bigger picture.
  • Look for positive activity and growth before joining.

Creating a group is really just the beginning. After that you have to tend to it in order to make sure it grows.

Share your group stories with us below.

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