Harness the power of visual content

Visual content excites, engages and enriches. Yet all too often businesses opt for poor quality images and graphics – which can destroy the perception a consumer has of your company rather than enhance it. In this post we explore the benefits of great quality visual content – and explain exactly what makes an excellent choice when it comes to a photograph, banner or infographic.

Enhance social media content with imagery

Posts with visual content perform better and are more likely to be engaged with than posts without. Bespoke infographics and marketing or promotional images work really well – as do quotes. They break up a newsfeed, they’re eye-catching and they should also be unique to your business.

Communicate brand values

Just as your written content says a lot about you, so do the images you use and the design of your website or branding material. If images are poor quality it conveys a lack of interest and care. If images are irrelevant it demonstrates distraction. If images are confusing or hard to understand straight away customers feel as though they can’t fully ascertain who you are and what you do. Therefore they’re unlikely to connect with your brand in a meaningful way.

Demonstrate products more effectively

Without quality images an e-commerce shopping experience can be incredibly frustrating. It’s important to ensure that any imagery you include that demonstrates the products or services you provide (whether it’s a token inclusion for a landing page or part of a product description) is clear and comprehensive. This means getting under the skin of your customers and considering what they need to see in order to make a purchase. Some products only need a flat front-on view to secure a sale – others need a full 360 view with internal and external descriptions to stand a chance.

The impression customers get of your services are also affected by the quality of your visual content. If you are a care home and your site includes lots of fresh, bright photographs featuring smiling residents you’ll fare much better than a competitor who only shares dingy, amateur snaps of people who weren’t even looking at the camera when the pictures were taken.

How do I choose great quality visual content?

When you have a professional design team on board it’s likely they’ll handle this for you, once they understand exactly what you’d like to get across in your visuals. Yet when you’re going it alone it’s sometimes difficult to know not only what makes a good image – but what makes an image appropriate and effective where your company is concerned.

As a rule visual content should always be technically high quality – this means at least 150 dpi (depending on the size of the image in situ), well composed and in focus. But this alone isn’t enough – your image must be relevant, exciting and in keeping with your design scheme. The only way to consider this effectively is to try to take a step back from your business.

Think about whether this image really portrays your brand values. If you were seeing this for the very first time, would you like it to be associated with your business? Does this image clearly connect with the products or services you provide? These questions are important – as they provide you with a clear idea of their efficacy and relevancy. It’s also why images often fail to hit the mark even when they’re expensive, high-resolution stock photos. Yet with the right quality images, effective design and excellent written content your online offering will be difficult to ignore for prospective customers.

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