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How can I grow social following to increase web traffic?

It can sometimes feel difficult, growing a business. This is especially true online, where there is plenty of noise from competitors which often threatens to drown out your message. Potential clients are now everywhere online – and easier to reach than ever before. But how do you shout louder than the competition in order to gain a market share and grow a loyal, engaged following?

Loyalty is key – but it can be difficult to keep

Loyalty online is a rare thing – but it is achievable. Predominantly loyalty is hard to find because users are increasingly impatient and fickle by nature – with attention spans shortened and brains bombarded with a constant stream of information. The sheer amount of content online makes it very hard for consumers to choose who to pledge allegiance to – and it also ensures it’s easy for them to have non-committal relationships with several brands, rather than following just one.

True engagement comes from understanding your audience

Loyalty is a product of engagement – consumers actively connecting with information you put out there and most importantly making positive buying decisions based on what they see or read. For this to happen you need to have a real appreciation of what your target market want to learn, and how they want to receive information from you. User experience counts for a lot, so if you satisfy this need it’s likely they’ll choose you over a competitor that doesn’t – and return for more rather than heading elsewhere.

Consider other media

Often businesses using social media heavily rely on text alone to reach their target audience. But in reality it’s a mix of techniques which really grabs the attention of those you wish to connect with the most. Use of imagery on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has proven to be more effective when compared with words alone, so it’s worth considering enlisting the help of a graphic designer or photographer who can provide imagery and infographics to help your posts to come alive.

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