Social media help – When should I post?

One crucial mistake many business owners and marketing managers make when embarking on a social media campaign is to neglect the importance of timing. On social media timing is everything – and whilst billions of interactions take place every single hour across multiple social platforms, they don’t occur simultaneously. So how can ensure you’re making the most of your presence online through perfect timing?

Pay attention to current research

There are plenty of infographics and articles out there that assert authority, claiming to be able to pinpoint the exact time you should post on each individual network. But in fact your ‘ideal time’ isn’t always that simple. Whilst there are plenty of reliable data sources indicating which are the busiest times each network experiences (and which gets the most traffic by the hour) what you need to be interested in is when your target audience are online. Certain demographics use social media in different ways – and they also use it at different times. It’s worth testing the water with this, seeing which posting times are most successful for your business on an individual basis. Certain automation software (like Buffer) automatically calculates the best times to post based on the nature of your business and previous data.

Make sure you’ve got a plan

A scattergun approach simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to successfully implementing social media into your marketing strategy. All fruitful social media campaigns start with a plan – a plan which takes into account the times you post of course, but also details the content you’ll share in a structured, thoughtful manner. It’s best to sit down before the start of the next month and consider what you wish to promote and what you need to get out of the next month’s activity on social media. This enables you to put together targeted content and research relevant hash-tags in advance. You can then schedule the posts into automation software or take care of it manually.

Remember to keep it regular

Even if you identify the ‘perfect’ times to post on individual networks, you should still ensure that you’re posting at least daily to achieve optimum results on social media.

Call in the experts

If you’re stumped by social media but would like it to form an integral part of your marketing strategy (as is now recommended) it’s best to invest. Social media experts will understand exactly what they have to do, how they need to do it and when to obtain the results you’re after.

For expert advice on implementing an effective digital marketing strategy or general social media help check out our related blog posts or head over to our Services and Case Studies to learn more.

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