The Importance Of Social Media For Your Business: Getting Leads.

Would you like more leads for your business?

Are you worried about having to spend even more time figuring out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?

Let’s face it, without a way of attracting leads, your business will suffer.

Using lead gen tactics, you can attract prospects and nurture them into customers. Over time, these leads can become repeat customers and even brand ambassadors.

Common lead gen strategies include:

  • Creating a blog and using SEO to rank it organically
  • Using PPC for paid ads
  • Driving traffic via social media
  • Email marketing
  • Direct marketing methods

All these methods work, but what happens if you’re on a tight budget? What happens if you also have a time constraint to contend with? Many small businesses are understaffed but without these leads, you don’t have access to paying customers. You need to attract and convert leads into customers. Leads are usually qualified and need little or no pitching before they buy.

How do you get warm leads?

Using all of the strategies above will get you leads. But how much time do you have to spend on marketing? Shouldn’t you be looking for channels with a quick ROI? Today, the Internet allows customers access to all the buying information they need. This means they can now choose where they spend their money. Lead gen has evolved from marketers actively ‘looking for’ customers to marketers trying to attract customers

In our quest for a quick ROI channel, we examine the most common strategies.

  • We find that while content marketing’s touted as the go-to channel for lead gen, it has one drawback. Determining the specific type of content that your prospects will respond to, can be tricky.

With it’s many forms (ranging from articles to case studies, e-books to podcasts, reference guides to webinars), content creation and it’s marketing can quickly overwhelm a business owner. Content has it’s place in the marketing mix, but it’s not a quick win.

  • Email marketing is said to have a very high ROI and is relatively easy to implement. But do you have all the right elements to attract the sign-up? Do you have a clear CTA? How often should you send out emails? Is your opt-in form too long (A study showed that only 38% of respondents filled their correct phone number, when the form had more than three fields). Email marketing works, but only with the right elements in place.
  • Having a blog and doing SEO is a long-term approach that yields brand recognition and organic rankings. But with SEO, understanding keywords, link building, Google algorithms, ranking organically is more of a marathon than a sprint. Eventually with constant, optimised content that’s helpful to readers, you will rank for your chosen key phrases. The thing is, does your business have that time to wait?
  • Social media is the secret sauce your business has been lacking. On social media, people CHOOSE to interact with you. This indicates a level of interest. Play your cards right and you can turn casual interest into a hot lead. Most businesses get social media wrong and tend to either keep away from it or attempt to do too much too soon.

At Search and More, we love social media campaigns because:

  • They are low-cost to implement
  • They allow curation and repurposing of existing content
  • On social media, there can be real-time interaction
  • It has become a major ranking factor in the search engines

The following tips will help your business attract and retain more leads using social media:

1. Choose Your Platform – Avoid jumping on the bandwagon and simply joining the big three. Research where your target audience spends their time. Figure out which ones best suit your service or product and focus on serving them.

2. Speak Their Language – Every target audience is different; from their vocabulary to their choice of social platform. You must know your prospects and how they interact, this shows them that you genuinely understand them.

3. Add Value Always – Ask your followers questions about what they have problems with. Answer these questions and turn them into content for your site. Avoid placing a pitch in your helpful answer. People will buy from you if you’ve actually helped them.

4. Listen – Remember social media is a two-way street. Prospects, satisfied customers, unhappy customers, competitors will try to contact you on social media. Don’t be the firm that never checks their own inbox.

5. Never forget the CTA – Educating prospects by giving them the info they need to make a decision is your primary target. But at certain times in the sales cycle, you have a greater chance of closing a deal. Don’t hesitate to include your CTA.

Getting leads on social media is easier than you thought.

Find your customers, listen them and share relevant information. At the right time, subtly introduce your product/service. They are warm leads waiting for the right solution. Be that solution.

At Search and More, our campaigns have helped clients retain customers, increase profits and visibility. Call us today for a social media audit of your business.

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