The Key To Linked In Business Success.

For those of us who don’t just want an online CV for a job, but are actually trying to harness what LinkedIn has to offer because our business will benefit from it, read on.

Business success often comes down to personalities and strength of brand. The fact that LinkedIn is so visible means that most businesses are extremely exposed on a variety of levels. You know that old adage ‘any press is good press’.. well it doesn’t work quite so well on Linked In. The odd bad review isn’t so bad, but a total void of contacts, recommendations and vision will be spotted before you can say… ‘can someone update our profile’. Too late.

Here are 2 top tips to ensure you have Linked In Business Success:

Write a Linked In Strategy.

You know what your business objectives are. Just tailor them to LinkedIn. Ask yourself what you want to get out of it, why you are on it, what you think you could use it for and who you will talk to and connect with to help your business grow. It could be regular clients, people who run business forums in your particular area and/or potential employees and recruiters.

Build On What You Have.

You’ve probably already signed up and got started, but in order to be successful you need to build your network. This means building your relationships direct through the platform. You need to increase your opportunities to network with customers, clients, vendors, peers, potential job candidates and even your own employees. If you’re a business of any size, you need to have a well-developed “business” presence on LinkedIn. Make a top 20 list of colleagues and acquaintances who you find useful and instigate a conversation. Maybe via a topic on a mutual group forum. It might take time initially, but sooner or later it will be second nature. And that’s when the magic happens.

Update Your Company Page.

Well not just update it, but update it regularly. If not you then allocate someone else to do it. Although it appears on the surface that the new company updates are designed to help big brands and corporations become more connected with potential candidates and employees, small businesses and professional services that get creative about their company status updates and commit to being active with their company pages will definitely benefit from increased engagement with industry peers, prospective customers, strategic allies and potential new hires. And make sure it’s 100% up to date.

That’s the basics. Now you can extend the reach of your business with your LinkedIn company page to grow your influence as the industry expert! Good luck.

Who’s Who?

Where did your clients work or go to school? Know that and you have an instant opportunity to open a conversation and build a rapport. It’s better to get introduced to a target client with one of your direct contacts.


Don’t be idle. Recommend people that you trust. It will make you a vital link to their business and chances are they will repay the favour.

Stay In Touch.

Even if contacts leave business’ it’s best to stay in touch. You never know where they will end up and you can always keep selling to them.

Remember, LinkedIn is live, so every time you login there’s an opportunity to tap into the power on there, whether as a direct sale or a long-term link. The way to leverage the power or LinkedIn is really in your hands.

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