Let’s Get Down To Business – LinkedIn.

When it comes to social and business there’s only one platform to be on.

So here’s our weekly top tip on how to get the best from LinkedIn. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to generate a business profile and/or use the platform to apply for a job.

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is as a business profile and or (if you ar a freelancer) to search and apply for jobs.

The platform is naturally geared to it, but not everyone is realising it’s potential.

B2B Social.

You have to love the simplicity of company profiles on LinkedIn. They are just such a convenient way for others to research your business that can help potential customers; clients and employees learn more about your company and the people who work there.

Are You Linked In To Your Job Search?

For those searching for a job then it’s just as easy with the LinkedIn Resume Builder. A tool that also allows you to create a hard copy based on your LinkedIn profile.
It almost spoon feeds you through the process, letting you know if parts of your profile are incomplete and prompting you to confirm all those important details such as contact information, email address and phone number before you submit your application.
It doesn’t allow for anything creative, of course. However if it’s a straightforward application you are looking for then it’s all you need.

Room For Improvement?

Whether it’s a business profile or a job application you need to make the most of this social tool. And there’s always room for improvement. So, keep these thoughts in mind:

Beef It Up: Add information on jobs already listed.

Make An Impact: If you can improve the introductions then do it. There’s nothing better than a first impression.

Get Interactive: Add videos and images to showcase your work or share a presentation.

Write a Summary: Don’t miss the opportunity to sell yourself in the summary. Spice it up with relevant things about yourself and your business.

Be Endorsed: Get relevant companies and people to endorse what you do.

Top Tip: Increase your visibility through public profile settings. Strengthen your profile with buzzwords.

Apply for jobs on the go.

If it’s worth doing then there’s an app for it. And one of the most recent additions to LinkedIn is the feature that allows you to apply for jobs directly from your mobile.

It scans your profile to generate a preview of your resume and offers you a number of templates. This app also saves your resumes and lets you share them or keep them private.

Top Tip: Don’t wait too long to apply for a job. It’s so convenient to do it. There’s no point wasting time. And given that you have your profile already proofed and to hand there’s no need to delay. Employers will definitely be more impressed by promptness.

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