How To Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn.

Let’s be frank for just a minute.

The only reason we want to be part of the social epidemic is because we’re all on a one person mission to find the key to it’s incredible possibilities.

And when it comes to Linked In, we wouldn’t be able to argue good business sense if we didn’t admit that we want to leverage its power for our own professional good.

Now we’re being open about that. Here are a few thoughts about how you can do that without bursting a blood vessel in the process.

One Step At A Time.

Approach each element of LInked In systematically to ensure it reflects what you are and what you do.

Leave No Missing Links.

Take time to ensure you’ve filled every element in 100% because essentially this is your SEO profile and will ensure that you get seen in the right searches.

Become a Linked In Expert.

Take time each day or week to find your way around the platform. If you can navigate around with confidence then you are more likely to understand how to harness it’s power.

Write a Strategy.

We’re not talking hundreds of pages that will take a decade to write and be forgotten in a jiffy. We’re talking concise, bullet points that you can print out and have pinned to the wall to look at at a glance to give you constant inspiration.

Who’s Who?

Where did your clients work or go to school? Know that and you have an instant opportunity to open a conversation and build a rapport. It’s better to get introduced to a target client with one of your direct contacts.


Don’t be idle. Recommend people that you trust. It will make you a vital link to their business and chances are they will repay the favour.

Stay In Touch.

Even if contacts leave business’ it’s best to stay in touch. You never know where they will end up and you can always keep selling to them.

Remember Linked In is live so every time you login there’s an opportunity to tap in to the power on there, whether as a direct sale or a long-term link. The way to leverage the power or Linked In is really in your hands.

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