Do LinkedIn Endorsements Really Matter?

LinkedIn has always performed. It’s always delivered in terms of what it set out to do.

No one can deny that it’s done a really fantastic job of making sure it is the place to go to maintain a professional online presence. To get where it is, it’s toyed with lots of different tools and features – not all with as much success as others.

Skills and Endorsements, for example. Since this was introduced it’s been met with quite a lot of criticism. Why? Because there’s no rules and regulations about it. Just about anyone can endorse you if that’s what you’d like. And that really just undermines what is a fantastic professional network. If you can’t trust the endorsements, then it actually loses some of that LinkedIn shine that we loved so much from the start.

It’s not enough to make me switch off however. Endorsements still have their place. And I have a very good reason for saying that. In a word… visibility.

Can You See Me?

Recruiters use LinkedIn pretty extensively. And the evidence suggests that you will in fact rank more highly in LinkedIn search results if you have a greater number of endorsements for the skill the recruiter is seeking.

In that way an endorsement might lose it’s personal shine, but it can still act as a sign post to your most relevant skills.

What you should know it that LinkedIn automatically ranks your skills by the number of endorsements you have. You can edit the list if you wish, but you could be getting endorsed for things you don’t want to be endorsed for by certain people who are maybe unsure as to your exact skills.

Best just to hide the whole skill. Just set your profile to edit mode and you’ll see a little demo in the Skills and Endorsements section showing you how to edit it.

Just a note to say…

Thinking about it, I’ve always found the whole process of endorsements to be quite an easy one. It requires little effort and is the best way to keep your contacts close. And it’s easy to do that regularly as a way of building connections with people you don’t speak to all the time. Connections that might come in useful in the future.

So, while endorsements can seem like LinkedIn is really trying too hard to be like Facebook, there is actually still some worth in using this particular feature and tool in your career quest be it personal or company.

Do endorsements really matter? Apparently so.

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