LinkedIn Or Locked Out – Which Are You?

Are you linked in or locked out of LinkedIn?

Surprisingly a significant number of businesses steer clear of the social media platform and refuse to incorporate it into their social media marketing mix. The obvious question is why? Is there a problem with LinkedIn’s positioning in the social media world, or is it just that businesses don’t yet appreciate the potential benefits it can bring to their company’s social media marketing mix? If truth be told no one really knows the answer to those questions: yes there are lots of theories about why the platform fails to engage as effectively as Facebook and Twitter, and one or two suggestions that ordinary users fail to see the relevance of what is effectively a business social media channel in their everyday lives.  Whatever the reasons might be, there are many reasons why businesses should sit up and take note of the platform. LinkedIn could be good for your business. If you’re still not convinced, then just consider the following and you may yet change your mind.

Search engine reputation management

Any company or business that can gain traction and influence on the search engines will fare well. The fact is, the higher your business ranking on search engines, the greater your chances of sealing deals. Google rates LinkedIn highly for both company and personal profiles and views it as a source of high authority with gravitas. With all the recent changes to Google’s algorithm following the Panda update, reputation management has become even more critical.  Establishing your business’s credentials as a trusted and respected authority is one thing: maintaining these is quite another thing. LinkedIn can help your business achieve this.

LinkedIn can increase your own brand’s visibility

Adding executive or employee links on LinkedIn will make businesses more visible. Contributing to group discussions and answering questions helps to increase the awareness of your brand. The more you contribute, the greater your chance of influencing the market. The ultimate goal is to be seen as a completely trusted source and someone others turn to for top notch, up-to-the-minute information.

Generating leads

A large part of the activity on LinkedIn relates to problem solving. People want answers and solutions, and often you may have these. By participating in the LinkedIn community and providing your content, you may be able to help others users find these solutions. Providing information for other users to download is a useful tool for generating new leads and cementing relationships with existing clients.

LinkedIn helps you keep track of the people who make the decisions

It’s fine to generate leads and build a business relationship on the back of this, but what happens when the person you did the business with moves onto pastures new? How do you keep track of where they are, and how do make sure you gain their business in the future? That’s where LinkedIn is really useful. It allows you to follow and track where these decision makers go to, and hopefully generate new leads at the companies they move to.

Targeted Ads

LinkedIn lets you use targeted text ads. You can place these in front of the profile of those who you believe have the greatest power and influence, such as CEOs and Human Resources executives. You can refine this targeting even more by linking to specific industries and niches.

LinkedIn can help with recruitment

Some studies have shown that using LinkedIn can help to reduce the time it takes to get the new talent into position by up to 50%. It’s essentially an online CV where members can list all their skills, qualifications and achievements. You can search for new talent by keyword, profile, company or geographical location. All the information is there: all your business needs to do is find the exact match for the position you wish to fill.

Product Features

It’s now possible for companies to add lists of the products and services they provide to their company profile. These lists can be used to provide links back to your business website or YouTube video. There even scope for businesses to let existing clients review their products and services on the platform.

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