LinkedIn Mistakes To Avoid.

We’ve established what a great tool LinkedIn is for business.


If you are looking to increase traffic and leads, or are someone looking for new career opportunities and want to leverage your expertise, then it really is a hot-spot of activity and potential.

The fact that you can exchange ideas with people whose goal is about enhancing their professional relationships is really where the drive for the network comes from.

And that’s why we treat it so differently from the likes of Twitter and Facebook. It’s because of the ability it has to communicate to large audiences. It’s tuned into that professional voice and that means that it’s impact is far higher than anywhere else. So don’t make the same mistakes as most people. Make LinkedIn work for you. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Don’t forget to share.

It’s not the place to be private – share your contact list with your connections. Offer to introduce them to others in your network.

Don’t wait too long to respond.

You should reply as soon as possible to messages. Within a day or two.

Don’t be a LinkedIn posting pest.

Posting too much or being negative in your comments in groups isn’t good for your reputation. And worse case you will be dropped from the group or be moderated.

Don’t undermine LinkedIn power.

It’s too easy to ask new connections or people you don’t know to endorse you. But it’s really not worth it. Be genuine and keep the platform as reliable as possible. The same can .

be said for LinkedIn recommendations – don’t ask people you don’t know.

Don’t forget to be personable.

When you invite someone to be a friend, it’s probably best to provide some context. IE: ‘Nice to meet you at the conference the other day. Look forward to staying in touch.’ And while you are at it, it helps to send a welcome message to those who follow you.

Don’t use bad photos.

Goes without saying really, but you’d be surprised how happy people are to put up horrible photos of themselves. Don’t forget to complete your profile: It’s easily done, but best to keep on top of your own profile. It’s the first impressions that count.

Don’t be absent.

if you don’t tend to your LinkedIn, then people will notice. It’s more professional to keep your hand in regularly to groups and with connections that matter.

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