LinkedIn: Real Social Power.

It isn’t as visually engaging as it’s social cousins.

Let’s face it, Pinterest has the edge when it comes to leaving a visual impression, Instagram offers the creatives a more edgy perspective, Facebook is a trusty old friend and Twitter is a relentless inferno of
comment, news, satire and information that we dip in and out of.

Where LinkedIn wins out, however, is in intellect and business.

Yes it’s the sensible big brother of the social world. It’s the grown up, career-building, work hard ethical platform that we all love to impress.

It may have been talked about as a ‘boring’ network and somewhere with lack of ‘sex appeal’. Well I’d refute that. It’s not a bad thing at all. Here’s why:

1. It’s about getting on.

So what if people don’t share passionate ramblings about films and tv programmes and celebrity. Who cares if you can’t post enless amounts of irrelevant video gifs for your own amusement without turning all your colleagues off. This is somewhere people can focus on business. It’s for resources, recruitment and grown up things like building a career and a brand. OK, now I sound a little boring, but at least you know what
people expect.

2. There’s no distractions.

Most platforms are awash with videos and photos. There’s no point being on Pinterest without them, or Instagram, or Facebook for that matter. Come to think about it Twitter is now all about photos too. So LinkedIn is unique in that most of the images we see are of people. The most important thing is what you say about yourself.

3. You stand out.

It’s so much easier to make an impression on LinkedIn than in other competitive arenas. You really can stand out when you want to share what you know about your particular subject. You don’t have to be drowned out. It’s a relief when you think about it.

4. It’s manageable.

How many hours do you spend on Facebook and Twitter? It’s like you can’t come up for breath sometimes. Unbelievably so sometimes. social media is a time zapper. There’s no doubt about it. So LinkedIn can boast that people go there for a purpose. That actually, you have to contribute and log in to benefit, but that you can control the time you do that. There’s always a good intention.

5. You are the master.

One big advantage of LinkedIn is that other people can’t distract away from your posts. There’s no tagging. They can like your updates and say something about what you’ve put.

LinkedIn is more appealing than you think. A real chance to stand out and strengthen connections. It’s not on trend so to speak, but it’s focused and will give you exactly what you want for career and business purposes. Don’t let the rest of the family distract you from where the real social power is.

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