How to make your voice heard over all the social media noise

Do you ever get disheartened when you look at your social media feed and find that no-one seems to be paying any attention to what you’re saying? Do you come up with innovative new ideas or post fantastically creative content only to find that it gets lost amongst the constant drip feed of mundane social media drivel? If you feel like that, then take heart: you are not alone.

Most businesses go through fallow periods where they fail to engage with their audience no matter how hard they try. Your rivals may be posting what on the face of it looks like generic content, but for some reason or other it always seem to strike the right note: you, on the other hand, post original stuff but always seem to get overlooked. What can you do? How can you redress the balance and start getting the attention you fully deserve? Well, unfortunately the only solution to look at your content critically and dispassionately, and see if you can find another way of sparking your audience’s interest.

How can make your voice heard above all the other social media noise?

Try to publish content your audience wants to read. That might sound like an obvious point to make, but it’s surprising how many people fail to take note of it. You may think what your audience really wants is original thought-provoking content, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes they just want to be entertained.

How do you identify what your target audience wants? Well, the first thing you have to identify is why your target market is using social media. Once you’ve worked that out it becomes a whole lot easier to get their attention. If your audience appears to like browsing news stories, then post newsworthy content: if they log on to the platforms to look through friends photos, then post behind-the- scenes photos of your business. If you can identify what particular sections of your audience wants you’ll be able to post content that gets their attention. Don’t be afraid to use humour either. Some of the most engaging content is funny.

The principle point to remember is that most users log onto Facebook and Instagram to be entertained, not sold to. So tailor your content accordingly.

Be intriguing

‘Engagement’ doesn’t mean increasing the number of likes, shares or comments you get on social media: it means increasing the number of click throughs. Sometimes the only way to do that is by being intriguing or mysterious. By that we mean only giving readers a snippet of what you have to offer or simply posting headlines that compel and intrigue at the same time. If you can spark their initial interest with an attention-grabbing headline, you’re half way there. The likelihood is that they’ll click on the link to satisfy their curiosity. The only rider to that is don’t give away too much in the title or you’ll defeat the object. Force readers to click on the link to get the full picture.

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