Are You Making The Most Of Your Social Networks?

As an existing or new business what we all have one main aim that it to be recognised and found on the web.

Social networking, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, are basically like having huge networking meetings where you can mingle, converse, share info and promote yourself.

Some businesses are still failing to see the advantage or purpose of social networking, and don’t seem to see the benefit of each. We are still questioned as “why we need to be on all if I’m on one, aren’t they all linked and connected?” The answer is no, they all have a different use.

Facebook- this is best for interacting on a personal level with your clients and very interactive. It has 845+ million users; it houses all your info in one place, and you can share blog, posts, videos, Q&A. You need to be aware of whom you connect with as your posts go to all in your friends lists. Aimed more at the younger end of the market aged 18-34.

Twitter- This is used to address a large audience quickly with a statement or to share a news article. It has 140+ million users and have about 340 million tweets a day. A tweet is a very short up to date question, statement or link. More males use twitter, and the highest percentage of users are 31-49 years of age, Twitter uses hashtags to collate groups and info.

LinkedIn- is used for showing off professional accomplishments and allows you to join groups of like-minded businesses and organisations. There are 150+ million users; you can create groups and lead and create discussions about your specialism or industry and engage in Q&A sessions. There is a higher percentage of male and the majority of users are aged between25-54.

Google+- is used to start conversations within groups and allows you to manage circles of people, you can write reviews and rate businesses.

Google + has 62+ million users and is growing fast, there are on average 625,000 new users every day. It can be used to instigate conversations, and target “circles” of whom you want to share information with. Latest data shows a large percentage of users are male, and the ages are varied as well as the market and sectors which use it.

A fact about human beings is we all like to voice our opinion, irrelevant of our field or industries we all like to discuss our outlook and views, this maybe either in public, or over the internet. All social media are platforms to share information. Depending on your business or industry may indicate one would be more suited than another, using these social media sites are essential to connect with your audience or potential audience on a personal level and directly. It is a respected way to share resources, tips or updates about your business.

Search and More have realised there is a need to advise our clients on how to create profiles and use these sites. Therefore, we are offer training sessions to existing and new businesses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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