Could Pinterest be the new ‘social’ choice for your business?

Does it ever seem like your social media marketing efforts have stalled and hit the buffers? Do you feel like you’ve squeezed every last drop out of Facebook and Twitter and finally hit the wall? Well, there’s a simple answer if that’s the position you find yourself in: diversify. Have a look at which other social media platforms are out there and reach out to new audiences.

You’re probably wondering which social media platforms should your business be targeting to boost its online presence? Well, there are a number of channels which may be relevant to your speciality or business, but one which stands out at the moment is Pinterest. You might not have heard about the channel, but it is starting to attract a huge online audience and becoming increasingly popular, so it’s well worth checking out.

So what exactly is Pinterest? Well, Pinterest is an extremely popular bookmarking, or pin board-sharing social networking platform. Launched back in 2010, Pinterest might not be an automatic ‘social’ choice for businesses, but as it receives well in excess of 150 million visitors a month, it is definitely a player on social channels.  Pinterest is simple to navigate, but it offers the potential to store and conveniently compartmentalise virtually limitless ideas and products. Best of all, Pinterest is free to use. So, all in all, Pinterest is a perfect online branding resource.

5 Pinterest tips for boosting your business’ online marketing efforts

Pinterest can help you reach a larger and more diverse market

Pinterest devotees are a loyal bunch, but they’re also growing extremely quickly. Last October the number of regular visitors to the channel topped 150 million for the first time. By comparison to Facebook and Twitter that might sound like small beer, but it’s still an untapped audience for many businesses. If the number of visitors continues to grow, it could be costly to ignore.

Pinterest can help your business harness its creative side

If you want to attract users on Pinterest, you need to choose eye-catching pins. These will help you stand out from the crowd. So choose bright colours and bold titles to capture the reader’s attention. Users are not limited to posting picture pins however; they can add and upload videos as well. These can work wonders for your business as many users are looking for information: it’s much easier to share that information quickly with a video than it is with a long blog post.

Pinterest can help to promote your business blog

Pinterest users are able to pin any number of their favourite things, whether that’s locations, recipes, products or household hints and shortcuts: Pinterest is also a really useful resource for sharing blog posts and links. Blogs and links can be uploaded by either copying and saving the link manually as a pin, or by embedding a “Pin It” button into your blog. You can always choose to have your pins link back to your blog or to individual posts, but there’s no reason why you can’t go one stage further by creating a Pinterest board that’s dedicated to your blog, where your followers can view all your latest posts.

Optimise pin captions for greater search visibility

Just as you can optimise your website or blog with keywords to increase online search visibility, you are also able to optimise your pins with captions. You may already be optimising your website or blog with keywords that will increase your visibility through an online search. Did you know you can do the same with pins? When you save and share a pin, you have full control over what the caption says, so optimise the pin by including relevant keywords as well as direct links to your website or blog in your pin’s caption. This will help users searching for matching key terms to find your pins more quickly and discover your business.

Pinterest lets you embed direct links into pins

Pinterest lets users embed pins with direct links to other sites and web pages. So even if a user does not read a pin’s caption to find out information about your business, they will still be automatically directed to your company site or blog when they click on the pin.

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