Your Profile Needs To Be Engaging.

Your profile is the first thing potential contacts will read about you on social media platforms.

Your profile has to give an insight into you, paint a picture and hold someone’s attention enough to give them a reason to connect with you. Look at your profile through someone else’s eyes and ask yourself “have I got it right?”


Steps to getting it right.

Step 1: Be nosey and look at other profiles on your chosen social media platform. Think about what draws your attention and what don’t you like. Whom would you want to connect with? Why would you connect with them?

Step 2: Get the fundamentals right.  You need to portray to your reader who you are and what you do as concisely and clearly as possible. Include a hyperlink to your website. Once you have connected and start networking you will get the chance to elaborate as you get to know people.

Step 3: You need to stay aware of using the right manner with the right site don’t be jokey on a serious business networking platform such as LinkedIn, and don’t be loquacious and full of self-importance on a personal networking platform like Facebook- you will look out of place.

Step 4: Tell readers where you’ve been and where you’re going. Mention at least one professional achievement. People will want to know how credible you are. Goals are important, too — people who see these may be able to help you achieve your aims.

Step 5: Let a little bit of your personality shine through. It should not just be all about your work sharing your interests can open doors with others who share the same interest. You need to ensure you balance work and personal information sensibly and think whom you are aiming this information towards, who you want to connect.

Step 6: upload a photograph. Photographs are an immediate impression more immediate than words; however, the photo must be appropriate for your social media platform. On a business-focused platform like LinkedIn, use a good-quality image of yourself looking professional. On Facebook, it is acceptable to include a more relaxed image. But, avoid anything that may come back and haunt you.

Step 7: Personalise your profile. Nearly all platforms have the facility to change colours or add background images. For business use your company colours to reinforce your viewer’s connection with your firm’s brand. Be discreet about logos, though get people to connect with you first.

Step 8: Watch out you don’t portray a boring persona. Don’t use your “profile” to offer a lengthy thesis and in-depth dissection of your industry. Don’t use it to rant or sound off or to give a historical timeline of your business since time began.

Step 9: Keep it fresh and alive. Update your profile, regularly add new content or just fresh content. If your goals change, or have something successful to share, add that in. If people can see that you are regularly active on your profile, they will be more persuaded to connect and network with you.

Step 10: Social media platforms are not for spammy sales, remember “don’t sell, engage”. If your connections see you as a pushy sales connection they may leave immediately, and there are other channels you can use to talk about your product or service. The objective of your profile is to give people a reason to connect with you, rather than with your business.

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