Rules To Creating A Successful LinkedIn Profile.

Imagine for a minute that you’ve met the person of your dreams and want nothing more than to get their attention for just a minute.

The only problem is, you are surrounded by people who are just as likely to impress. How do you stand out from the crowd?

This is exactly the problem facing people on LinkedIn. As a personal profile it’s fantastic, but its growth and popularity has also increased competition among those looking for work and freelancing. So it’s important to make sure you are doing everything that you can to get noticed.

And that’s why having an effective LinkedIn profile is so significant.

But, I can’t tell you how often people make the mistake of putting things in their profile that would make sure they are forgotten instantly.

Often you’ll see a profile without a photo. This really can’t win any favour at all. It’s the type of profile where the CV will be brief and there will be nothing to stand out to a prospective customer. Not only that, but there isn’t anything to lead the LinkedIn search engine to you.

Here’s how to stand out:

1. Have a decent job title.

It will make the difference when it comes to whether someone will look at your profile in more detail. Don’t forget, the job title is one of the few parts of information that comes with the pop-up box of your profile on LinkedIn.

2. Have a wonderful photo.

Add some people power to your profile by picking a great photo. It puts a face to the name and allows a recruiter to instantly be attracted to you. Make sure you are smiling. Make sure it appears genuine and sincere. You don’t want to come across as pretentious, but professional and approachable.

3. Sell the summary.

Think about what people want to know about you and tell them as succinctly as possible. They don’t always want to read a CV, but instead glance at a summary and decide if they want to delve further. A good idea is to flag up a challenge you are faced with every day and how you solve it.

4. Brush up on your recommendations.

If you don’t have any recommendations yet, then get some. They are like instant references and testimonials.

And that’s it. So put 60 minutes in your diary to spend on your LinkedIn profile today and watch yourself get noticed.

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