Why sharing reposts on social media is important

Social media marketing can be a minefield for many business owners – who lack the time and patience to implement a strong, successful strategy online. Therefore quick, easy to implement tips that pack a powerful punch can be incredibly useful – especially when resources are scarce. Here we explain how getting into the habit of reposting others can significantly boost reach and response on social platforms.

What is a repost?

Reposting (also known as sharing on Facebook, and retweeting on Twitter) refers to the practice of promoting someone else’s post on your social pages. It’s a fantastic way to break up the monotony of content that exclusively refers to your business and the services and products you provide. It also encourages valuable engagement that can increase exposure for your company in a significant way.

Who should I repost?

It’s important to carefully choose where you repost from. Sources need to be relevant and of interest to your followers – and shouldn’t be directly in competition with you. Ideally you should choose related industries and companies that share similar audiences, and are likely to reciprocate or return the favour in future.

Why are reposts beneficial for your business?

Reposts get you noticed

First and foremost, reposts get you noticed. Imagine receiving a notification and realising that another company or account has taken the time to share one of your posts with their followers. They’ve recognised you and what you are doing – and want to promote it. It makes you feel valued and noticed. But something equally positive happens for them, too. Now you’re taking notice of their brand – now you’re browsing the posts on their feed. And you also feel you want to return the favour in some way. Reposts have symbiotic benefits for both parties – and for the person doing the reposting, there are multiple advantages. One of the most productive of these is remaining front of mind for collaborator brands – who are likely to follow you or like your page and then become regular supporters. They may even refer or recommend you – so a repost can represent the start of a lucrative commercial partnership.

Reposts encourage future engagement

As discussed above, for the person you’ve reposted there are naturally positive repercussions – but these extend to you in kind. Understandably the company or individual you repost feels a compulsion to reciprocate – which means that you then acquire additional exposure to their audience, an audience that is likely to mirror your own in some way, with effective social media marketing in Stockport.

Variation is key

Successful social media campaigns recognise that it shouldn’t all be about you. In fact, you need to share the achievements of others and introduce different perspectives and products to retain follower interest. Of course this only extends to non-competitors and collaborators – but you’ll find that your feed is much more varied and interesting for potential customers who will see you as a rich resource of relevant info as opposed to a sales feed that quickly becomes ‘samey’.

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